Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tales of Freedom

I would like to start this blog by saying I am proud to be an American.  I am proud that we live in a free country.  I am equally proud to be a woman (especially now that I can't remember how badly it hurt to have my 3 children) who has the many freedoms we are blessed with having in this day and age.

Having said that, I get tired of being the one to make all of the decisions sometimes.  I so badly wish there were someone who could tell me what the right and wrong decisions are to be made.  Someone to take the guessing (or chance) away from me.  Someone else maybe that I can blame when I have made the wrong decision and am faced with the negative consequences.  And when I say "decisions" I mean from the littlest things to the more extreme.  My brain is just so overworked with trying so desperately to figure things out all the time. Things including but not limited to the following:

* what school do I send my kids do
* what activities will my kids do
* how much is too much
*should I let them quit if i/they do not enjoy it
*should my kids attend religious school
*if so, where is the best fit for my family
*should I let my child play with _______
*should we go ____ on vacation
*for how long
*should we fly or drive
*who should we see if we are near family
*what should I make for breakfast
*what should I make for lunch
*what should I pack them for snack
*what should I make for dinner
* what is a good bedtime for my kids
*should I buy the needless pair of shoes at nordy that I love so much
*do I have to invite_______ to my/my kids party
*do I have to be PC all the time
*should I always accept everyone's apologizes and move on even when repeatedly being hurt by a family member or friend
*what are the important values I want my children to learn from me

Ok.. so I assume you get the point by now.... while I love having the freedom that my life has to offer, sometimes, somedays, I just want someone to tell me where to go, what to do and what to say.  Although, knowing me, if someone tried to push me around, I would punch them.  See my dilemma?????

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