Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tales of Sleep

Well, just like last year.. i was up at 5:20 this AM.. but i only have myself to blame.  My poor brain.. so much on my little feable mind this week.. it really cannot take anymore!!  So, i have had some trouble sleeping this week.  I just spent the past hour re reading most of my blogs from last year.  Some were pretty boring (so sorry), but it was great to read!!  Gosh, you really do forget little things that happen day to day.  I am actually thankful to have this blog to look back on.

One thing that struck me was my being very upset (and not eating-which you know i must have been really upset not to eat) one day about something that happened in school to one of the big kids.  Well, fast forward to now.. i have abosolutely zero idea what that day was about.  None. Zip. Zilch.  But yet, i was so distraught over it.  Which leads me to once again, believe my mom when she says "don't sweat the small stuff because in a year from now it won't matter".  Wow, she hit the nail on the head with that one!

I know its hard day in and day out to be dealing with endless responsibility and stressors, but i guess letting some things go and trying to not get so worked up about every little thing (no matter how big it seems at the time) is a real valuable trait. trait?  hmm.. not too sure that is the word i was looking for.. but too tired to think about vocabulary right now.

also looking back made me realize just how much things have changed in a year and how much things stay the same!  for good and for bad.  i seem to have similar viewpoints on myself and what i want/need to improve upon.  i would like to hope that i have actually grown and changed a lot in this year, but like i posted last night.. growing is a process that takes time... and i am still and always will be doing it. i do love that i have the same goals and ideals as a year ago (actually almost a year and a half ago now).  the fact that i have stayed true to myself because my values means a lot to me.

of course, i am still tired. but this time around i am tired because of me. and not my sleeping little miracles. i am currentlty the one one awake here.. well, me and my cat.  gonna have to squeeze in a nap today so i have enough stamina for drinks out with friends tonight!!

well, i seem to be off to a good start.. don't expect this daily, however, that causes me angina. (spelling??)  i will write when i can and if i have something to say.  it'll keep you on yours toes.  i may or may not link to FB, so keep checking!

happy saturday!


still sleepless in charlotte.

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  1. my good friend yesterday told me a very yoga thing.....LIVE IN THE MOMENT...cuz most of the things we worry about never happen! true and i will add that to your mom's wisdom......(from another mom of yours!)