Monday, December 27, 2010

Tales of heartache

Uggg.. tucking my middle in tonight was torture.  Pure torture.  She of course was crying (although trying to hold it together) because I am leaving tomorrow AM.  Counting the days, counting the nights.. til our return... asking how and when she can talk to me... pure sadness.  Ugg, felt like someone stuck a dagger straight into my heart.   And the worst part is that I remember exactly how she feels.  I specificially recall feeling the exact same way when my mom had to go on a business trip when I was probably around her age.  It was terrible.   So the way she is feeling coupled with the fact that I have had a giant pit in my stomach about leaving them the entire day is making me question whether or not I am making the right decision to leave. 

Of course my hubby and I deserve a few nights away, together, as a couple, not playing the parenting role.. but just because we are away doesn't mean that we can get being parents out of our minds. To those of you who think I am being silly and do not understand where I am coming from, please click the X on the top right hand corner of your screen and close this page. I do not care how many trips others have taken away from their kids or how many times a month my hubby travels away from our family.  None of that matters to me.  The fact that I am leaving my kids is just heartwrenching for me, right now.  And since my darling spouse felt it necessary to leave our will and other documents on his office desk, I feel like I want to vomit. Hoping the Xanax will calm that tomorrow AM.

To end on a high note I wanted to share some fun tidbits from my baby girl.

1.  Yesterday, when she saw the snow and my oldest two in their snowsuits, she shrieked "I need my babing (bathing) suit too mommy".  Um, bathing suit + snow + 30 degree weather = not such a great idea.

2.  I got my nails done today for our trip to a flip flop in Dec location and just took my socks off.  My baby girl looked down and my toes and said "Bootiful (beautiful) mommy, that's like pink".

Love her.. she is really so funny. And I don't think she even tries to be, she just is. She has the ability to make me laugh consistently throughout the day. Gosh, I cannot even imagine our family without her in it.  What a blessing she is.. well, all of them really.   Ugg.. ok, feeling this blog taking a turn for the sappy again, so I will end now.

Prob won't blog in the AM.  Figuring I might not be in the best of spirits.   I am sure to come back with many fun stories to share.

Wish me luck and I'll see you in 2011.   Oh, and thanks for reading. I love that you care about my nonsense.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tales of a snow filled day

I think it is safe to say that children, or at least mine, have absolutely no adversion to the cold. Adding up all the different times they decided to play in the snow, they were outside in 30 degree temps with snow and wind blowing for about 2 + hours.  Snowman made- sledding done- snowball fight had- etcc...

what a fun fun day! for the kids... I however have been freezing my tucus off and been eating myself out of the house!!!  Why Why Why do I have to eat when I am stuck at home?????????

Once my hubby gave me the okay to drive, which was not until after noon (which I was mad about because I wanted to be at the mall at 8 AM... remember, my black Friday was today).. however, I managed to scoot out during naptime for a few hours and that is when my fun began.  Have I mentioned that I love the mall?  Especially at Holiday time!!  Oh the red sale signs.... love love love! Got some great buys.. mostly for the kids, as usual, but bought myself some treats too. Hadn't purchased myself sweatpants since I was prego.. definitely needed a few new pairs.

Anyhow, took the kiddos over to my moms for a bit, since she refuses to drive in this weather (not that I blame her).  And we went out for our fav dinner.. SUSHI.  I think my son ate the most.. he really loves that stuff. I am proud.   Always nice to have Sunday night dinner with the fam, especially my mom.  We try to make that a ritual, but sometimes our busy schedules get in the away (hers and my kids).  I think we should make a New Year's resolution to reinstate Sunday night dinners.. and I would like to mandate a bi-weekly rotation between Sushi and Chinese. All in favor????

Tales of White

It is 6:15.  My mid daughter is dressed and ready to go!  Purple snowsuit-check. Mittens-check. Boots-check. Only thing we are waiting for is the sun to rise!  Yay for snow.. and lots of it.  Will report later...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tales of December 25th

Well, today was a quiet, boring stay in your PJ til 3PM day.. and I LOVED every minute of it!!  Actually think the kids and hubby did too.  They were all really great today, depsite being trapped inside.  Sometimes it is nice to be forced to spend a day alone with the fam, with no get away in sight.  Played Kinect with the kids- danced and laughed.  Watched Hannah Montana the movie with girls and cuddled on the couch. We only got dressed to grab a quick dinner with some friends and then straight back into jammies.   I did however get a ton accomplished.  Two loads of laundry, dishes clean and put away, decorations down and our home is officially holiday free!!.. for now... at least until Valentines Day arrives. 

Sidenote:  I am obsessed with decorating for holidays (in addition to throwing parties).  I just love how festive it looks and how warm and inviting the house becomes. 

Sidenote #2:  I am also obsessed with taking down the decorations as quickly as possible.  While I love love love the way they look, I just get kinda tired of all the clutter it becomes.  Our house is decorated from Oct. 1- Dec. 25th. (usually after the New Year, but we decided to speed it up this go around).

So, no snow. Yet. Though it has finally started to rain.  Lets see if it gets cold enough tonight for some snow to fall. We enjoyed hot cocoa and smores anyway... couldn't let it go to waste ya know.

That is it from here.  Not much happened today to share. Just a relaxing day with the fam.  Kudos to the kids for their great behavior... well, until the last hour or so.  Guess that means its time for bed!

Good night my friends!

Tales of Snow????

So, that is the big question.. still.  will it snow or not??  I am prepared!!  Bought hot cocoa and smores ingredients!  Bring it on!!!!!

Had a great afternoon/evening celebrating good friends and great family!  Kids sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn last night and made a wish for Santa to come!  And we have a very happy house this AM!  They couldn't wait to come downstairs.  He drank all the milk and most of the yummy cookies we left for him.  The amazement and excitment on their faces and in their voices is what this holiday is truly about. Period.  Nothing else.  No religion, nothing serious.  Just fun and happiness. It is so heartwarming to live thru your kids.  I know they will only "believe" for a few more years (at least the oldest), but I am cherishing it.  So sad the the innocence will be lost one day.

Also sad that my bro left.  Short visit made even shorter by our immaturity. Oh well, there is always next time.  A friend of mine told me that we were due for a fight, as I do not think he and I have fought in at least 10 years.  Kids always love the visits from Uncle D too!

Off to discover what this day has in store for us.  Can't wait til tomorrow.  South Park mall at 8 AM here I come.. wanna join??  I missed black Friday since we were in Disney, so decided that tomorrow will be my black Friday.. it probably has its own nickname.. but I do not know what it is.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...... PLEASE!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tales of slow and painful

OMG.. went to see that new Reese Witherspoon movie last night.

Sidenote:  I love Reese Witherspoon.  In my next life, I would really like to come back as her.

Anyway, I love her movies.  But holy crap.. that was the worst movie I have seen in a really long time.  Like a super I can't even remember seeing a bad movie like that long time ago.  People were literally walking out.  It was over 2 hours and moved sooooooooooooooooooooo slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and was just down right bad.  I was so shocked, and rather disappointed too.  I thought she takes great pride in her work and chooses her scripts carefully, but that must have been a momentary lapse in judgement for her, becuz it sucked. What a waste of two hours and an even bigger waste of two hours of loss of sleep for me.  Must move on.

So, I hear it is supposed to snow tomorrow!  Oh how my kids will just love it.  I too think it would be pretty darn cool to have a white Christmas.  However, if it snows, this FL girl will be locked up in her house all day.   So, unless you live within walking distance to my house and/or want to come to me, you will likely not see me tomorrow if it snows.

Remember how I told you how excited I was to have my brother come into town?  Well, we had a knock down drag out yesterday that only siblings have.  Cursing, mean-ness, a full blown fight.  However, in true sibling style, we "kissed and made up" within hours.  So nice to love unconditionally.   But, becuz I was in such a crappy mood over it, I fell down the stairs in our house and killed my back.  Nearly killed myself I think.  My hubby was witness to the whole thing and it scared the you know what out of him.  But, in case you are interested, I am fine. Just stiff this AM and bruised.  Other than that, its business as usual in this house.  Tot in my bed, watching Mickey.  Waiting for big kids to begin our day.

Wishing all my Christmas celebrating peeps a very Merry one!  Can't wait to celebrate tonight with one of our favorite family friends. 

Dear weatherman,

Pleae be right about the snow tomorrow.  That would be so stinking cool for so many reasons. 

1. My brother will likely get snowed in for another day!
2.  My kids will be uber excited.
3.  I do think a white Christmas would bring so much fun and energy into the day.
4.  Becuz if you actually got the weather correct for once I will be super impressed.
5. I would love nothing more than smores and hot cocoa tomorrow.



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tales of a Jinx part deux

All I want for Christmas is SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is that really too much to ask for??  It's a really good thing that we can no longer physically produce offspring, becuz some nights I feel like we might as well have another baby since we are up all night anyhow.

2:22- Enter mid child:  I had a bad dream... ugg.. seriously??  How is it possible that I actually cursed this poor child by simply mentioning how great of a sleeper she is.   Back to bed.

2:40- Enter mid child:  I still can't sleep. Back to bed.

3:30- the last time I looked on the clock to see how long I had actually been awake since I couldn't go back to sleep either.

5:46- Baby girl up. Brought into bed.  Back to sleep.

6:05- Enter eldest- I am up.  Go back to room and play quietly and we will get you when your sister gets up.  STOMPS OUT.  LOUDLY.

6:29- Enter eldest again- (what a great listener he is turning out to be, sigh). I am done playing. Whining. Wakes up little sister.  Mid sister up.  And, the start of a bright new day.

And you wonder why I was proud of myself for actually going out the other night?  I am seriously running so low on fumes these days that I think I am about to run out of reserves.  Thank goodness for kid free vaca next week.  NEED SOME SERIOUS SLEEP.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tales of so much

So much to say!  Lying here in bed next to MY BIG KIDS! Yay for no school!!  I am so excited for a week+ off of the morning rushing.  SO EXCITED.  I want to give a shout out to my tot for great sleeping last night.  I know inquiring minds would like to know the deets, but do to the jinx of earlier in the week, I will keep that to myself.

Went to a most fun Christmas party hosted by my fab friend!  OMG.. the kids had so much fun. She had a schedule of events from game to game (to which I laughed at), but it really was geat fun.  "Reindeer games" she called them.  I wonder if that is why I got such great sleeping last night.  My baby girl did have an amazing time!  I love when other people throw parties!  I mean, I live for throwing them too, but its fun to also be a guest.  Boy, 24 kids on the last day of school.. it was high energy.

I dropped the kids off at home and literally turned around and went to another birthday celebration for my friend.  This time it was a small, more intimate (as she said) dinner. I was totally exhausted and would have loved more than anything to hop right into bed after my kids, but pushed on.  Sometimes even though you may not be totally feeling like doing something, it definitely feels good to do the right thing.  I would have felt awful to have missed it, plus I had fun! And in reality, it is just one night.  I can get a good night sleep tonight! Yes, I kept trying to remind myself of that a 9:30 when I was still too hyped up to go to sleep. That is what happens to me if I miss my bedtime window.

My brother is coming into town today!  I don't know who is more excited.. the kids?  no, I think I am.  I always tell my kids to love and be nice to each other because one day they will likely not live near each other and it will stink.  I miss my bro. I never had a sister, and always wanted one.  But for opposite sex siblings, we are as close as can be. I pray that my oldest two will be that close in adulthood too. Siblings are the closest blood relative to you, and I am so lucky to have a great one!

A friend/fellow blogger of mine told me how surprised she was to learn that I had opened my blog to friends and family. (She actually called me and had a very long discussion with me about it) She writes as well, but simply for herself to read and fellow bloggers who do not know her personally.  I questioned myself some, but realized that I love my family and friends being able to read my daily ramblings.  However, I am starting to catch on to her motive.  I may need to create a separate anonymous blog for days where I want to bitch and complain about things that I do not want my friends to read.  It is true, I am using this as a catharsis tool, but I somewhat have to modify it due to my reader base.  And we all know how good it feels to be open and honest and get feelings out rather than keeping them bottled up... but it shouldn't be public. 

Hmmm... gonna have to think of a title for blog #2.  Was gonna ask for suggestions, but then you would know it and that would defeat the purpose! LOL.  Oh well. 

Welcome to Winter Break my friends!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tales of Nothing

Sorry to disappoint.  I went to bed at 8 last night and am getting kids ready for school now.

1.  Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Ilyssa!  35, huh? 
2.  Happy last day of school to my kids and friends!  Yay for a break from packing lunches, backpacks and homework battles.
3. Hmm.. guess that is all for now.  Will TRY to blog during naptime.

Tah Tah for now

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tales of a Jinx


mid daughter in my room crying with bad dreams.  Never happened before.  I knew I should have never mentioned what a great sleeper she is. Always comes back to haunt you.  I am slowly starting to realize that I may never have another good night sleep for as long as I shall live.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tales of Nonstop

My most favorite weekends are the ones where we have enough planned that we are not bored, but not too much planned that we can lounge in our PJs and enjoy the slow motion of the weekend rolling by.  This weekend was the complete opposite of that!  Yikes.  I think this is the first time I have sat down, stretched my legs out on my bed and grabbed my laptop since Thursday. And well you all know I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night so I am going to blurt out as much as I can as fast as I can on here, turn my light of and check out for the night.  Yes dear friends, I realize it is merely 7:35, but hubby is en route to NJ and I am in need of sleep, and lots of it.

OMG, I just heard faint footsteps coming down the hallway and started to get that warm feeling creeping up that was going to make me say not nice things to my son if he had gotten out of bed, but it was just my kitten. LMAO. Poor son, always taking the blame, now even for the cat.

So, had a great time surprising a friend for her 35th birthday yesterday afternoon.  Amazing brunch. Then had to quickly shift gears and plan for our very first adult holiday party. Although sometimes through my complaining you may not be able to tell this, but I have an unhealthy obsession with my children.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with entertaining (having people over, throwing parties, girls nights, etc..). Putting those two things together have made for very fun, memorable and elaborate kids parties for the past 7 1/2 years.  And I love to do it.  And my kids love it.  And ask for it.  And look forward to it.  However, this year, after our annual Halloween to-do, I just wasn't feeling it. Not sure why. Perhaps the thought of having 100+ people in my house in Dec. not so appetizing anymore.  Wonder why it ever was.  Anyhow, so my dear hubby suggested us having an adult only party. Of course I felt as if we were traitors.  Cheating our kids out of a party.  But that thought lasted all of 30 seconds and within an hour the evite was sent.  Repeat: Unhealthy obsession with throwing parties.  It is also quite funny how many people are removed from your guest list when you are not inviting their children.  Sure I have a zillion "friends, as FB likes to call it" who are parents of my kids friends, but we do not socialize on a personal level with more than half of them.  So, my hubby and I were pleasantly surprised that our "close friends only rule" made it out to be a under 20 people shindig. And, it was heaven.  Like I touched on earlier.  I really had a great time (must have to stay up that late) and my friends enjoyed the evening as well.  So, sorry kids, I think this is going to be our new annual holiday tradition.

Sidenote:  Mom- please save the date next year again for grandchildren sleepover.

Today arrived and kids had religious school and play dates.  Then I spent a few hours with my favorite co room mom getting organized for my sons Winter Party in class tomorrow!  Walked in the door, went potty and walked out the door to a friends house for some family time with the kids.  They have children our big kids age, so of course the baby girl was the star of the show, as usual.   Two minutes after we walked in, hubby walked out to catch his flight.  I barely have enough energy to be typing still, but am responding to a special request made that there be a blog first thing in the AM.  Aren't you people bored of me yet???

7:48, lights are going out in 10. Phew... heres to the beginning of yet another crazy busy week!! Crazy busy, but would not have it any other way! Life is good.

Tales of uber tired

Guess what!  I stayed up til midnight last night.  Woot!  Woot! Had a most fun Holiday Party here with my close friends and had a wonderful time!!  Nights like that remind me of how lucky I am to have such great friends.   I kept it super small because every party I have had has been with a zillion people, and I always feel at the end that I didn't get to talk to anyone.  But, last night I truly got to relax and enjoy the company of my very closest friends.

Big kids slept at my moms.  It is currently 9 AM and baby girl has been playing happily and quietly on her own for hours.  Guess how many times she has asked where her brother and sister are????????

NONE!!!  Too funny.  She probably enjoys the silence too.

Below is a pic of one of the fun drinks I served.  Candy Cane martinis!  So fun!!

Off to finish clean up with my helpful little elf (my hubby).  Thanks to all my amazing friends for letting me indulge them for a night of fun (sans kids).

I just love holiday time!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tales of mad

So, my every loving hubby decided to take all three kids downstairs this AM so I could sleep in since he was away all week and I got um NO sleep.

HOWEVER, at 7:24 AM on a Saturday our pest control dude was BANGING on our door to let us know that he was doing our outside quarterly treatment.  Seriously.  Seriously.  I am so mad.  I called and left a VM for them that we are cancelling our service.  I just do not understand who has something against me actually sleeping.  I really just do not get it.

Very busy day ahead. Usual weekend with the fam plus some fun things in the mix. May or may not blog tomorrow. Too irritated right now to spit anything worth reading out.

Happy Birthday to my sis in law if you are reading this.

Grrrrrrrr... its madness I tell you.  So mad. Mad. Mad. Mad.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tales of bad dreams

Well, if its not one of them it is sure to be another. Although, I must give kuddos to my middle angel.  She is a rock of a sleeper.  I can count on my hand the number of times she has woken up in the mid of night. Please do not jinx me for giving her a shout out.  Please.

However, my oldest and youngest are twins separated by 5 years.  Personality, likes, dislikes, facial features, tummy woes in infancy, and apparently in sleeping retardedness.

12:08- Enter edlest child: mommy, i had a bad dream. Ok honey, go potty while you are awake and I will tuck you back in.  Go in his room, rub his back. Assure him all is ok.

12:19-enter son: mommy, I am still scared.  Walk him back to his room, again. Again while holding kitten in my arms so he doesn't escape under sons bed.  Again, assure him all is ok, and to think about cupcakes and rainbows and blah blah blah.  Again, all with my eyes closed because I am mostly asleep.

12:45- enter son with kitten in his arms:  mommy, cat is meowing at my door. While of course he is.  You woke him and me up so he wants to play now!  ok, tuck in, remove kitten. the end. uh.... nope.

1:20- Enter son: mommy, I know I have been up for an hour and I am sorry but I just can't go back to sleep.  Ok, on mid of night visit 1-3, I held it together,however, on visit 4, I got angry. Thus, the yelling began.  I informed him to go back to bed and not come back into my room til at least 7 AM.  I also made him aware that I was very angry that he was still awake, and that I was still awake.  To which he started crying and telling me that I am going to give him more nightmares.  Seriously, I just love being blamed for everything.. and wow, I didn't know that I have such power as to be able to create a nightmare in anothers dreams.  Huh, the things you learn as a mommy.

Anyway, that was the last I heard from him.  Needless to say. I almost threatened the death penalty if he returned again.  Just joking (ish).

I actually thought for a moment to just bring him in bed with me, however, being that he had already lost an hour of sleep, and that it is now 5:30 and I am of course watching mickey mouse clubhouse with my tot, I didn't think that was a great option either.

Well, seems as if this night of lack of sleep was just the beginning of my crazy weekend. Got an email from my hubby who has been gone since Monday that his red eye is 2 hours late.  Translation:  I need to call my carpool and switch driving in an effort to not drag baby girl out in this bitter cold, and need to email sons teacher to tell her I will not be volunteering in room this morning. Maybe I should mention he was up half the night too.  I am sure he will do stellar on his spelling, vocab, grammar and comprehension tests today.

Hmmm.. I can tell I am going to be in an awesome mood today. Enter caffeine.  And oh yeah. Mom- if I ever woke you up like this in mid of night repeatedly causing you lack of sleep and in need of caffeine, I apologize. I know you find great humor in my being totured by my offspring, to which you call "devine retribution", however, I do not find it funny. At all.

And, mid sister is awake.  Yay Friday. Up and at 'em!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tales of Late

Sorry, late today.  Baby came in my bed at 5:30 and actually fell back to sleep until 6:45. Yay?!?  I guess.  So, today's blog will come later...  Sorry peeps.  Gotta get movin. 

BTW..  any experienced blogger know how to put settings on your blog to get rid of spam comments??  I got a comment last night from a financial site that offers grants to single moms. LOL.  Clearly they did not really read my blog.  Funny, none the less.  Hubby probably think not so funny.

Remind me to tell you later about how upset I was yesterday about how someone almost ruined a surprise for a good friend of mine.  Not cool.  Mistake, yes.. but not cool.  I was shaking most most of the afternoon b/c I was so nervous it was ruined.  Hmm... but HW went well now that I think of it.  Guess it took my mind off of it.  Maybe I should thank her?  No, I think HW was just easy yesterday :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tales of $$

And here we are again.  5:30 AM.. kitten on my left, baby girl on my right.  A mixture of purring, mickey mouse and sneezing filling my ears.  Really, she only sneezes a lot when she is in our room.  I suppose that is because kitty sleeps in here.  Torture?  I hope not because after our $800 vet bill last week, he is staying for good!

OMG!   I just peeked at the weather online. 16 degrees.  Seriously, I think I want to move to Hawaii. This cold is simply ridiculous. WTF??

So yesterday I spent the morning gathering all my thank you holiday gifts.  Boy, those sure do add the freak up!! Teachers, babysitters,etc.. sheesh. A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I give a gift or a "tip" to the garbage men.  I had to think a minute.  No, I do not.  Should I?  Do you?  If so, does yours actually get out of his truck and pick up wind blown trash or the entire dumpster after he knocks it over in the middle of your driveway?  Mine does not. So, I really never thought about it.

I know my mom always used to tip the mailman, but they tell you that they "cannot accept" gifts so I don't do that either.  Hmmm, maybe I should, he is a pretty nice dude. But, I wouldn't even know how much.  I know the rule of thumb with help in your house is a weeks pay. For the mailman however, what does that translate to?  Should I collect a weeks worth of mail and see how much the stamps added up to??  LOL.  Seriously, I have no clue about this nonsense.  Cheap?  No, more like ignorant on this topic.  Just so busy this time of year with my crazy calendar that it never really crossed my mind.  Can someone call me later and catch me up to what is PC.  Thanks.

My son had basketball practice last night.  Since hubby is MIA, my mom came and watched the girls so I didn't have to drag them out in 20 degree weather past their bedtime. My mid spend the entire weekend up past her bedtime and needs to catch up.  Anyway, my son as usual is the tallest on the team (and the cutest).  Problem is that he has zero interest in actually paying attention to the coaches.  Ever since he started team sports when he was 3 years old, he has this habit of watching what I am doing in the bleachers or on the sideline. And not only watching me.. he is smiling, laughing, and mouthing words to me that I can never understand.  Poor little guy.  He is never going to be an athlete.. not that I care, as that seems to run down both sides of our family (except my sister in law).  And that is fine with me.  I am simply trying to expose him to each sport so that when he is older he knows the rules and the game enough to play with neighborhood boys or other friends. BUT, it is sort of painful to watch his complete lack of interest combined with lack of athletic ability.  Oh well, what's another $100 down the drain?  I've wasted more than that before, and likely to do it again.. probably this week :).   Besides, its great for him to just run around for fun and actually get some exercise.  Clearly my children will not be playing outside for the remainder of the year.

Anyone else feel like all they are doing lately is spending $$?  And lots of it??  Here's to a less expensive, and warmer new year!  A little early, perhaps, but I am ready to start now. You too?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tales of home

That Dorothy was a wise little girl when she said, "There's no place like home".  While it is good to get away and rejuvinate from time to time, there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, being with your own family, in your own warm house and being near your own friends.  Just like in The Wizard of Oz, sometimes you need to be taken far away from home to be reminded how great and wonderful your life really is.  As my mother in law always tells me.  If you put everyones problems into one giant pot, you would still want to pick your very own back out.  And that is definitely so true.  I am so very blessed to be living the life I am living and try to remember that during my daily trials, although I always have and always will like to complain.  Its genetic. VERY genetic.

Despite the travels, my beautiful girl and I had a great time together this weekend.  It was so heart warming to see her playing and hear her devilish giggle with her cousins.  She has two girl cousins.  One just turned 6 and one will be 5 a week before my daughter turns 6.  How lucky is she?  I never had girl cousins, or a sister for that matter. Let alone my exact age. She has it made!  Wasn't that super thoughtful of me to give this to our girls?  (Oh, my poor boy.  Growing up with so much estrogen floating around him.) However, living in different states and in extremely different lifestyles will likely make it hard for them to be close growing up.  BUT, for as long as it lasts, I loved watching her enjoy their company.   It is with deep thought that I have decided that is all I will share, publicly of course, about our trip. Those who know me personally have already had their ears talked off and I will not revisit it again.  We all have family, you all understand, as this is only pseudo-anonymous.

The weather was amazing.  Wintertime in FL is to die for.  And then I come back here to the bitter cold.  Bah humbug. Anyhow.  Back into the routine of rush rush rushing. Having a visit from my best friend from college this evening. So just wanted to take this quiet opportunity of naptime to pump out a quick blog.  So much pressure from you people. If I miss a day I feel like I will disappoint. Sheesh.

So, I am back. Ready to celebrate the remaining holidays with good friends and good fun. And good drinks!

There really is no place like home.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tales of flying part deux

First off.. I am never flying again.  Never ever ever. Period. The End.  It was awful and bumpy and I was so sick to my stomach, numb in my hands and cold sweats all over.  I had to push the button to tell the stewardess that I needed her to care for my daughter in the event of my breaking into a full panic attack.  My every loving hubby was happy to not be in attendance during this episode because he finds it ridiculous.

Dear BFF...

Um, there is a high likelihood that I will no longer be joining you on our couples vacation in 2 weeks. Hope you guys have a great time in Punta Cana.   I also hope you will not hate me forever.  We live too close for such a situation.



p.s.  you can borrow the new outfit I bought for new years eve if that will make it up to you!!

And to the rest of my loyal friends,  of course I will be reporting on my weekend away once I digest my time spent with the fam. Some good, some bad.. must filter what I can share. Could get in serious trouble.

Friday, December 10, 2010

tales of me flying

As my hubby will tell u..i am the worlds worst flier. I hate it. Get sick to my stomach and always fear the worst. Unfortunately I have to put on a happy face today for my 5 year old princess. Wouldn't want her to inherit my fears even though they were passed down to me from my mom. You may think I am crazy...and I know I am...but I wanted to write a quick note to my two babies at home. In case something bad happens no matter how much I bitch and complain, u make my life worth living and I love u both. Ugh..i feel sick. Time to fly....

Tales of Role Reversal

I am all packed and ready to go!  Yep, it is actually my turn to leave for once.  Only difference is that I am bringing one child away with me. Of course, heaven forbid I actually leave town by myself, right?

But, I am super excited to be spending a girls weekend with my special angel. We are off to Fl... horray for thawing out for a few days!!  Have I told you I hate the cold weather?? 

She was invited to her cousins birthday party this weekend, of course I am the designated chaperone. What a fun excuse to jet out of town and routine for a few days.  And a huge bonus is to get to see all our family down South.  Ready or not, here we come!!!

Sadly for you, I will be MIA for the weekend. However, I am sure to have much to say upon my return.  Especially about the state of disarray I am sure my house will be in, and the mountain of laundry I am sure to return to. 

Sidenote:  Hope hubby is reading this.

Miss you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tales of 3PM

Emergency blogging needed. I am doing HW with my son and I have that warm feeling creeping up inside my stomach that makes me want to do something very not nice. and baby girl is talking to me at a mile a minute. mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy. This is a good distraction right now, otherwise I would be yelling at the top of my lungs.  Short and sweet and to the point. Breathe in, breathe out. Move forward.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tales of out of control

While I do feel like it is possibly harder, more exhausting, and emotionally and physically draining being a SAHM vs a WM... I have to say that I could never be a WM.  This AM I had to have myself ready and dressed along with my 3 kids.. lunches packed, backpacks ready to go and out the door at 7:30 for their dentist appt.  Phew... it was rough.  And I felt a teensy bit under the weather to boot. My head was in a complete fog for hours.  I suppose it could have been due to my not having time to have my coffee. Hmmm... didn't realize I was a caffeine addict. Must revisit this later.  But I honestly do not know how working moms do it day in and day out. The morning rush, so early, including getting oneself ready and out the door.  Not to mention having to be mentally available all day long.  Sheesh. Kudos to you all.  I know, grass is always greener, but this morning I was definitely reminded how lucky I am to not have to rush out the door on a regular basis.

Appts went well.  Rushed son in and out.. made it to school within seconds of the bell.. must give self pat on back.  Although the devil inside of me really wanted him to be late. Just because. Girls took forever.  Baby was hesitant, so instead of them doing them simultaneously, they did big sis first so tot could watch and not feel afraid. I love them for being so accomodating to the kids, but hate that middle missed an hour of school and tot missed My Gym. Well, not really hate.. but it just threw me all off.  Did I ever tell you I am a control freak.  I felt out of control this morning. I like my routine.  Having my days all mapped out for me. Today not good.  And it was cold. FRIGID to be exact.

Homework hell was the same as every day.  Middle guessing words while reading instead of actually looking at the page.  Drives me nuts. I could care less if/when she starts reading more fluently, but I do care that she doesn't even try half the time. Annoys me to the core.  Yes, I am aware she is a free spirit and likes to make up her own stories.. which is one thing I love about her.  BUT, when I actually need her to read, I want her to read... the words.. on the pages.  Not the ones in her head.

Son, as usual, trying to rush so doesn't read directions. Subtracts when his math sheet is titled "Addition". Another annoyance to me. He is 7 1/2 years old. He needs to learn these things his self.  It is not my job, or maybe it is, but it is a part I refuse to do. Reading directions is a life skill.. ok, I made that up.. but it is to me.  Also, if he didn't have to poop for 30 minutes right when we sit down to start homework, he would leave himself more time to actually get his work done.  More poop time = less play time after homework. And if he didn't poop so damn long, he wouldn't be trying to rush through his work as fast.  Am I the only one who sees this logic?

All the while, baby girl is barking orders at me.  Get my drink. No, my pink cup.  Get my snack. Get my ball. Watch TV.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  But, I managed to keep my calm today, somehow. When I really wanted to scream at the top of my lungs... "SHUT THE HECK UP". (yes, that was the PG version).

Picked up kitten from vet.  Poor dear.  I think we are very inhumane. Oh well. Surely cannot have him scratching baby girl all over the place.  I am completely exhausted.  Like that leg aching feeling. And the relief of having my hubby home tonight for bedtime (he just arrived home this AM) was debolished by the fact that he has a meeting at 7.  I am currently locked up in our bedroom. 10 minutes to go, until I have to tend to the screaming masses.. or at least that is what it sounds like is happening on the other side of the door.

I hope you don't think I created this blog to just complain.  I am truly happy and in love with my life.  But, that crap would be boring and no one would want to read it.  I like to make people laugh, and I've found that voicing my complaints on a regular basis does just that.  And whether you like it or not, you can relate to me. At least some of the days. Did you today?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tales of Tired

So much to say.  So few words. So little energy.  So few brains cells functioning.  Will try to do my best.  Would never want to let you down.

Today was super busy.  Dropped my poor kitty (who was not very happy with me b/c I wasn't allowed to feed him this AM) at the vet for his punishment.  Got a call that he did well, but one paw was still bleeding late in the day.  Now I am NOT an animal lover, but I did feel kinda bad for the little dude.  Hopefully he will be fine by the time I get him tomorrow evening.  Yes, the bonus is that I get a purring/meowing free night sleep!  Score!!  And a snoring free one too, since hubby MIA.

Mall walked with a girlfriend for an hour and a half.   Good for me.  Then ate grilled cheese and tom soup for lunch. There goes any benefit that should have occured from the walking. Enjoyed a rest while baby girl slept for 2 hours.  Then came 3 PM. It hit like a tornado. I really do not understand/find it sad that within 10 minutes of the big kids coming home from 8 hours out of the house, I am already spent, yelling and frustrated.

PMS girl (think I may call her that from now on) refused to go to tumbling today. Fine, it was just a trial anyhow.  Littlest gem was cranky from her long nap.. so do not understand the reverse psychology of that.  Why does a good nap = tired and cranky and hard to wake up child.  Oldest, hmm.. must give him props.. He did his homework quietly and happily.  Motivated by our going to dinner at his friends house.  Which was a ZOO.  So many kids, so loud.  But, yummy food, great company and much fun. Def needed the glass of wine I happily drank.  And the chocolate pudding pie.

Sidenote: It is 7:48 PM.. just got kids in bed.  The recycling truck just came.  I mean why don't they just pick up our trash at midnight.  I swear I will go out there in the freezing cold and kick some ass if they wake up my children.  Ok, maybe not... but it felt good to say that.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  At 8 AM I will be at the dentist.  With all 3 kids.  First time ever.  Girls have cleanings. Son getting molars sealed.  I hate that he is old enough for that.  He is still my baby boy.  Oh, and you will laugh at this. So, I told his teacher (who I love to death) that I would not be in the room tomorrow AM to help out b/c kids will be late to school b/c of appts.  She informed me of some school system wide testing going on tomorrow and Thurs and the extreme importance of his being to school on time tomorrow.  Testing?  More freaking testing?  All they do is test these kids.  And just reading and math. Like those are the only two flipping subjects important in the entire realm of knowledge in the universe.  I am just so sick and tired of it.  So,uh, yeah.. I will just be rushing right on over there.  Besides,  I am sure he will be ready to sit and take a test the second he walks in the classroom from the dentist.

Dear my childrens elementary school,

I am deeply sorry to inform you that my son is going to bring your entire school test score average down by being rushed into testing straight from his dentist appt.  If you would like to refrain from administering the 50th test he has had to take in the past 4 months of school, you have my full permission.



Tales of a cat

Since I can't talk about the nighttime drama anymore, I will just update you (aka complain about) the fact that I am sitting here typing with one hand.  Why ever do you ask?  Because my right arm is so conveniently around my babe, her head on my lap, watching some show. It's called Mickey Mouse clubhouse...ever heard of it?  And, it is 6:10.  Are you wondering why I am not taking in this quiet moment of just she and I to cuddle and spend some time together?  Been there, done that.  She awoke at 5:44.  Not so bad for her. However, she cried for me in her sleep at 3:50, to which our cat thought was morningtime. Of course she went back to sleep, but the cat purred and head butted me until I kicked him off the bed.  But don't you worry, I have his punishment already scheduled for today.  In the form of declawing and neutering.  Just Joking.  But seriously, we have decided to keep him.  Yay!!  Kids allergies are turning out to be very mild and hopefully they may even outgrow it.  Lets just hope he outgrows his love of the pre-dawn hours, and soon. Real soon.

Just checked the weather. It is 19 degrees out.  WTF?  I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Clearly someone picked up our house and dropped it down in Alaska.  I repeat.. WTF??  The only good that comes out this bitter coldness is that I get to mall walk (for exercise) with all the old peeps.  Have I mentioned that I heart the mall?

Shit.  Middle up. Tot crying for brother who is still asleep and Daddy who is not here.  Time to make the donuts.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tales of a new beginning

Well friends, it seems as if I am going to have to dig deep to find something else to blog about regularly. The 8 month stretch of nighttime entertainment is finally coming to an end. This evening was a mere "Mommy, I need to tell you something, come back and open door".  I peeked my head in and she said "I going to sleep". The End. It has been like this (or silent) most nights this week.  I have decided, I will not miss the nightly gig and hope dearly that it shall never return.

Another interesting bit of newness was that during dinner tonight, my oldest interrupted the conversation I was having with a friend to ask me for some more broccoli.  While it was irritating, as usual to have him rudely calling "mommy" over and over while I was talking to someone else, thank heaven someone else was there to witness this magical event, because I truly thought my ears were deceiving me.

A quick funny story about my always thinking out of the box tot. Dropped off the kids at Sunday School and walked over to a sad excuse for a Holiday fair/craft show.  Luckily however, there was a baker there selling.. you guessed it... CUPCAKES... baby girls favorite thing on this planet (although she calls them "pupcakes"). After wondering around in sheer boredom for 30 minutes, we decide to leave.  Walk to elevator.

Sidenote: her hands and face are covered in delicious frosting.

I walk over and push the elevator button.  She tries to tell me with her mouth full of cake that she wanted to push it.  At first I couldn't understand her, until she swallowed and repeated herself.  I looked at her mess of a self and said, no honey, your hands are too yucky.  She looked at me, looked at her fingers and then proceeded to stick all four fingers in her mouth in an attempt to "clean them" by sucking on them with her mouth full of cupcake reminants. Seriously.. where does that come from?

Did I let her push the button inside the elevator with her newly cleaned hands?

 I'll never tell.

Tales of a fun busy day

So, it was 5:40 this AM.. but thats ok because I think somehow, sadly, my body is adapted to its new waking time.  I even stayed out til after 10 last night... woot woot...  I think our cat wasn't ready to have her invade his space on our bed however. He scratched the crap out of her face. Yikes. Must reschedule the declawing now that we are for sure keeping the little dude.

Yesterday was a day of great fun!  For once, it was I who wore out my special angel. We were at the mall for 4+ hours together, shopping, having lunch, attending a little Nordy kids party thing.  The mall was insanely crowded, but the energy was amazing.  Together we enjoyed my most favorite lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup (tom soup as one of my favs calls it).  Found some cute long sleeve dresses for her for the wintertime.  I thought the ones from last year would still fit, and they do, except the sleeves are above her wrist.  Doesn't really bother me much, but apparently it bothers her.... remember, she is the fashionista in the fam.

Two funny notes of our ride home from the mall:

1.  She asked me if she could lay down in her bed when we get home to rest her legs.   She is definitely gonna need to build up some stamina since I am grooming her to be my shopping bud.

2.  She asked me why there is only Christmas music on the radio all the time now.  I told her because it was Christmastime and she said, no its not, its Chanukah. LOL.  While she is correct, there are only so many times one can hear Dreidel Dreidel I suppose.  I love the Holiday music, but we both agreed it is rather annoying.

She only had about 20 minutes to rest because some friends came over to play and have dinner. The girls were playing the dancing game on Kinect.  It is great entertainment for the mommies I tell ya.   I almost felt like I was back in college for a few mintues.  One of my gals who was over flat ironed my hair for me. Seriously, it was hilarious.  The only thing that reminded me of our age was the fact that she was plucking out my grays as they popped up. Now that's a true friend for ya.  And, she helped me pick out my attire for holiday party #1 of the season.

It was in the 30s (degrees) and misty out, yet my neighbors hubby (love him) wanted to WALK to the neighborhood gathering. Um, negative. He must not have read my blog the other day about my refusal to walk in this weather.   Anyhow. the drinks were plentiful, the company was great (except for a few I could have done without), and the food was delish. What is not to like about this time of year.. well, besides the weather. And I stayed up way past my bedtime.

Amazing day.  Thanks to my peeps who shared it with me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tales of a Miracle

Baby girl slept til 6:06!!!!!!!!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!  She didn't get to bed til late for her since we had friends over for dinner last night, but in the past that hasn't mattered. What a great way to start our weekend!
Today I am spending a girls day with my middle princess.  Last year when she was still in preschool 4 days a week, Thursdays were our girls days and we had so much fun together!  Now that she is in big girl school, I feel like I hardly see the freaking girl, let alone get to spend alone time with her.  And I miss her. She is everything I ever wanted when I wanted a little girl, and she knows it.  I tell her that everyday. We talked about it last night as I was tucking her into bed and we are both beyond excited. Of course being the budding fashionista that she is, she begged me to take her shopping for clothes.  I repeat, I am not looking forward to when she is 12.

I am still pondering what to do about this school situation. How can we ban homework and excessive pressure??  Can we start a "moms against homework" group?  Although, I won't be doing any picketing in this weather.. that is for sure.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tales of a FL girl

Holy cold out yesterday!!!  I cannot believe that winter weather is here. Uggg.  Why is the fall always too short??  I love the days of 65, sunny and breezy... and I think we had two of those. I have to say, I absolutely live for the way my kids look all bundled up in their jeans, boots, coats and mittens.  I just want to squeeze them til they pop!  But me, I am not super fond of bundling up.  Typically I just wear a sweater and run into wherever I am going (my mom hates that and always tells me to treat myself like I treat my kids ((meaning bundle up)), but yesterday it was freezing out! 28 degrees in the AM. AND, my kids had walk to school day.  Do you think we walked?  Negative.  I am all about my children getting exercise, but this FL girl was not/will never freeze her tucas off like that. 

And I hate wearing coats.  Probably similiar to why I do not love my children or anyone for that matter hanging all over me.  I need space. Freedom to move around. Looseness. Air. And when I am all wrapped up like pigs in a blanket in a coat and scarf I feel all suffocated.

I will admit, the one thing I did enjoy about yesterday was that after I volunteered in my kids classes, I went to Caribou for a yummy marshmallow hot chocolate.  Total treat for myself, and it was due to the insane chill I had running down my spine all morning. Yes, I've dealt with the winter (mom- i know i should capitalize that but don't care) now for 11 years, but I will always be a beach girl.

OK, I very quickly wanted to mention the documentary I saw last night with a bunch of friends. In the midst of what I am currently going through with my oldest (poor guinea pig as I am sure things will be totally different when the girls roll around to 2nd grade), it was very heart wrenching to hear it from the childrens point of view.  These poor teenagers who are struggling to do the very best they can to get into the very "best" college. The pressure, and stress, the anxiety, the illness, the lack of sleep.. it is just so sad to watch what our society is doing to these kids. And mine are quickly coming down the pike.  I went to bed wanting to write a lot about what I saw and heard last night, but it is so hard to put into words really.  The one thing that struck me the hardest is a beautiful, "popular" (whatever that really means), bright, well rounded 13 year old good who received straight As her entire life got her first F, in 8th grade, in Math (I HATE MATH).. and what did she do about it????????????????  She commited suicide. Seriously.  What a freaking tragedy.  What the hell are we doing to these kids??  Doesn't happiness account for anything anymore????  How can they be happy well adjusted kids with all this stress and pressure to be perfect surrounding them.  It is such a nightmare. And it scares me to death because my son is a bit of a perfectionist in that he wants to do everything correctly and get every answer right, so struggles and cries about it when he is stuck or frustrated.... all at the ripe old age of 7.  Again yesterday, for the 2nd time this week, I had to go in and speak to his teacher about his math homework. 

Someone, someway, somehow... this all needs to change. I'm ready to jump on the bandwagon, you?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tales of PMS

I think my middle had her period yesterday.  Obviously not literally, being that she is only 5.  I guess emotionally.  Sometimes she has these days were she is just blah. And weepy. Don't get me wrong- I get blah and weepy but I am not 5.  What in the universe does she have to be blah and weepy about?? And she is not a talker.  I mean, she talks all day long about nonsensical (is that a word) things, but it she is very tight lipped when she is upset about something. I hate it.  I wish she would talk to me, hubby, us about her feelings, but I really think she doesn't understand why she feels sad sometimes.  And it is usually a quick ditty and it is over.  But last night at dinner, her eyes were so teary.  I know she was tired from a long day at school and being shuffled off to cheerleading, but it breaks my heart to see her big beautiful brown eyes have so much weight behind them. After a few minutes of her saying, nothing is wrong-i am fine- she started crying about not playing with her friends on the playground today at school. I asked her about her fav friend in class, she said she was playing with another little girl. Then I mentioned another friend, got same response. So I asked her why she didn't join them, to which she responded a 3rd childs name and not wanting to do what they were playing. Now I am not sure if she was making it up to appease me and/or to get me to stop bugging her, or if she really played by herself for 30 whole minutes for the first time ever.  Either way, this is how I feel about that.

1.  I am SOOOOOOOOO not looking forward to when she is 12. 
2.  I LOVE being by myself.  Alone in my quiet thoughts.. even just for 30 minutes.  Who's with me?  I need to ingrain this into her little being.  There is something quite refreshing about being able to "regroup" a bit.
3. I am seriously in deep ____ when her real period comes.