Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tales of flying part deux

First off.. I am never flying again.  Never ever ever. Period. The End.  It was awful and bumpy and I was so sick to my stomach, numb in my hands and cold sweats all over.  I had to push the button to tell the stewardess that I needed her to care for my daughter in the event of my breaking into a full panic attack.  My every loving hubby was happy to not be in attendance during this episode because he finds it ridiculous.

Dear BFF...

Um, there is a high likelihood that I will no longer be joining you on our couples vacation in 2 weeks. Hope you guys have a great time in Punta Cana.   I also hope you will not hate me forever.  We live too close for such a situation.



p.s.  you can borrow the new outfit I bought for new years eve if that will make it up to you!!

And to the rest of my loyal friends,  of course I will be reporting on my weekend away once I digest my time spent with the fam. Some good, some bad.. must filter what I can share. Could get in serious trouble.

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