Friday, December 17, 2010

Tales of bad dreams

Well, if its not one of them it is sure to be another. Although, I must give kuddos to my middle angel.  She is a rock of a sleeper.  I can count on my hand the number of times she has woken up in the mid of night. Please do not jinx me for giving her a shout out.  Please.

However, my oldest and youngest are twins separated by 5 years.  Personality, likes, dislikes, facial features, tummy woes in infancy, and apparently in sleeping retardedness.

12:08- Enter edlest child: mommy, i had a bad dream. Ok honey, go potty while you are awake and I will tuck you back in.  Go in his room, rub his back. Assure him all is ok.

12:19-enter son: mommy, I am still scared.  Walk him back to his room, again. Again while holding kitten in my arms so he doesn't escape under sons bed.  Again, assure him all is ok, and to think about cupcakes and rainbows and blah blah blah.  Again, all with my eyes closed because I am mostly asleep.

12:45- enter son with kitten in his arms:  mommy, cat is meowing at my door. While of course he is.  You woke him and me up so he wants to play now!  ok, tuck in, remove kitten. the end. uh.... nope.

1:20- Enter son: mommy, I know I have been up for an hour and I am sorry but I just can't go back to sleep.  Ok, on mid of night visit 1-3, I held it together,however, on visit 4, I got angry. Thus, the yelling began.  I informed him to go back to bed and not come back into my room til at least 7 AM.  I also made him aware that I was very angry that he was still awake, and that I was still awake.  To which he started crying and telling me that I am going to give him more nightmares.  Seriously, I just love being blamed for everything.. and wow, I didn't know that I have such power as to be able to create a nightmare in anothers dreams.  Huh, the things you learn as a mommy.

Anyway, that was the last I heard from him.  Needless to say. I almost threatened the death penalty if he returned again.  Just joking (ish).

I actually thought for a moment to just bring him in bed with me, however, being that he had already lost an hour of sleep, and that it is now 5:30 and I am of course watching mickey mouse clubhouse with my tot, I didn't think that was a great option either.

Well, seems as if this night of lack of sleep was just the beginning of my crazy weekend. Got an email from my hubby who has been gone since Monday that his red eye is 2 hours late.  Translation:  I need to call my carpool and switch driving in an effort to not drag baby girl out in this bitter cold, and need to email sons teacher to tell her I will not be volunteering in room this morning. Maybe I should mention he was up half the night too.  I am sure he will do stellar on his spelling, vocab, grammar and comprehension tests today.

Hmmm.. I can tell I am going to be in an awesome mood today. Enter caffeine.  And oh yeah. Mom- if I ever woke you up like this in mid of night repeatedly causing you lack of sleep and in need of caffeine, I apologize. I know you find great humor in my being totured by my offspring, to which you call "devine retribution", however, I do not find it funny. At all.

And, mid sister is awake.  Yay Friday. Up and at 'em!


  1. OMG what a night! i am exhausted before i begin my day what must you feel like!!!!!! hope the day goes smoother and tonight is a better night...(what about a little benedryl for their colds?)