Friday, December 10, 2010

tales of me flying

As my hubby will tell u..i am the worlds worst flier. I hate it. Get sick to my stomach and always fear the worst. Unfortunately I have to put on a happy face today for my 5 year old princess. Wouldn't want her to inherit my fears even though they were passed down to me from my mom. You may think I am crazy...and I know I am...but I wanted to write a quick note to my two babies at home. In case something bad happens no matter how much I bitch and complain, u make my life worth living and I love u both. Ugh..i feel sick. Time to fly....


  1. love it and am glad there was a blog for me this am...thanks for writing everyday..your followers love it!

  2. One word: Xanax.

    I suffered for years with fears of flying. I would be paralyzed from fear...really dibilitating. It really works wonders to take the edge off flying, turbulence or not. I highly suggest it (take this from someone who takes no medications)