Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tales of a new beginning

Well friends, it seems as if I am going to have to dig deep to find something else to blog about regularly. The 8 month stretch of nighttime entertainment is finally coming to an end. This evening was a mere "Mommy, I need to tell you something, come back and open door".  I peeked my head in and she said "I going to sleep". The End. It has been like this (or silent) most nights this week.  I have decided, I will not miss the nightly gig and hope dearly that it shall never return.

Another interesting bit of newness was that during dinner tonight, my oldest interrupted the conversation I was having with a friend to ask me for some more broccoli.  While it was irritating, as usual to have him rudely calling "mommy" over and over while I was talking to someone else, thank heaven someone else was there to witness this magical event, because I truly thought my ears were deceiving me.

A quick funny story about my always thinking out of the box tot. Dropped off the kids at Sunday School and walked over to a sad excuse for a Holiday fair/craft show.  Luckily however, there was a baker there selling.. you guessed it... CUPCAKES... baby girls favorite thing on this planet (although she calls them "pupcakes"). After wondering around in sheer boredom for 30 minutes, we decide to leave.  Walk to elevator.

Sidenote: her hands and face are covered in delicious frosting.

I walk over and push the elevator button.  She tries to tell me with her mouth full of cake that she wanted to push it.  At first I couldn't understand her, until she swallowed and repeated herself.  I looked at her mess of a self and said, no honey, your hands are too yucky.  She looked at me, looked at her fingers and then proceeded to stick all four fingers in her mouth in an attempt to "clean them" by sucking on them with her mouth full of cupcake reminants. Seriously.. where does that come from?

Did I let her push the button inside the elevator with her newly cleaned hands?

 I'll never tell.

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  1. ohhh....I hope you let her - that is hilarious!!