Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tales of uber tired

Guess what!  I stayed up til midnight last night.  Woot!  Woot! Had a most fun Holiday Party here with my close friends and had a wonderful time!!  Nights like that remind me of how lucky I am to have such great friends.   I kept it super small because every party I have had has been with a zillion people, and I always feel at the end that I didn't get to talk to anyone.  But, last night I truly got to relax and enjoy the company of my very closest friends.

Big kids slept at my moms.  It is currently 9 AM and baby girl has been playing happily and quietly on her own for hours.  Guess how many times she has asked where her brother and sister are????????

NONE!!!  Too funny.  She probably enjoys the silence too.

Below is a pic of one of the fun drinks I served.  Candy Cane martinis!  So fun!!

Off to finish clean up with my helpful little elf (my hubby).  Thanks to all my amazing friends for letting me indulge them for a night of fun (sans kids).

I just love holiday time!

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