Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tales of PMS

I think my middle had her period yesterday.  Obviously not literally, being that she is only 5.  I guess emotionally.  Sometimes she has these days were she is just blah. And weepy. Don't get me wrong- I get blah and weepy but I am not 5.  What in the universe does she have to be blah and weepy about?? And she is not a talker.  I mean, she talks all day long about nonsensical (is that a word) things, but it she is very tight lipped when she is upset about something. I hate it.  I wish she would talk to me, hubby, us about her feelings, but I really think she doesn't understand why she feels sad sometimes.  And it is usually a quick ditty and it is over.  But last night at dinner, her eyes were so teary.  I know she was tired from a long day at school and being shuffled off to cheerleading, but it breaks my heart to see her big beautiful brown eyes have so much weight behind them. After a few minutes of her saying, nothing is wrong-i am fine- she started crying about not playing with her friends on the playground today at school. I asked her about her fav friend in class, she said she was playing with another little girl. Then I mentioned another friend, got same response. So I asked her why she didn't join them, to which she responded a 3rd childs name and not wanting to do what they were playing. Now I am not sure if she was making it up to appease me and/or to get me to stop bugging her, or if she really played by herself for 30 whole minutes for the first time ever.  Either way, this is how I feel about that.

1.  I am SOOOOOOOOO not looking forward to when she is 12. 
2.  I LOVE being by myself.  Alone in my quiet thoughts.. even just for 30 minutes.  Who's with me?  I need to ingrain this into her little being.  There is something quite refreshing about being able to "regroup" a bit.
3. I am seriously in deep ____ when her real period comes.


  1. Wow - that is tough!

    I love being alone too but I remember with PAINFUL detail the times that I was "excluded" when I was young.

    I have a soft spot for kids who feel like they are the odd man out *even if only for a little while*

    That being said... I am NOT looking forward to the drama that comes with girls of every age.

    My 2 year old daughter spent 15 mins this morning flailing and wailing becuase she didn't like her neck being "choked" by her turtleneck....

    God Help Us Both!!!

  2. It's all relative and I am proud of you for acknowledging her emotions but yet, c'mon, it's really not that bad!!! Lesson for life.....