Friday, December 10, 2010

Tales of Role Reversal

I am all packed and ready to go!  Yep, it is actually my turn to leave for once.  Only difference is that I am bringing one child away with me. Of course, heaven forbid I actually leave town by myself, right?

But, I am super excited to be spending a girls weekend with my special angel. We are off to Fl... horray for thawing out for a few days!!  Have I told you I hate the cold weather?? 

She was invited to her cousins birthday party this weekend, of course I am the designated chaperone. What a fun excuse to jet out of town and routine for a few days.  And a huge bonus is to get to see all our family down South.  Ready or not, here we come!!!

Sadly for you, I will be MIA for the weekend. However, I am sure to have much to say upon my return.  Especially about the state of disarray I am sure my house will be in, and the mountain of laundry I am sure to return to. 

Sidenote:  Hope hubby is reading this.

Miss you.


  1. your s0fa fam is breathless waiting for you guys! wish you could stay forever!!!!!