Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tales of so much

So much to say!  Lying here in bed next to MY BIG KIDS! Yay for no school!!  I am so excited for a week+ off of the morning rushing.  SO EXCITED.  I want to give a shout out to my tot for great sleeping last night.  I know inquiring minds would like to know the deets, but do to the jinx of earlier in the week, I will keep that to myself.

Went to a most fun Christmas party hosted by my fab friend!  OMG.. the kids had so much fun. She had a schedule of events from game to game (to which I laughed at), but it really was geat fun.  "Reindeer games" she called them.  I wonder if that is why I got such great sleeping last night.  My baby girl did have an amazing time!  I love when other people throw parties!  I mean, I live for throwing them too, but its fun to also be a guest.  Boy, 24 kids on the last day of school.. it was high energy.

I dropped the kids off at home and literally turned around and went to another birthday celebration for my friend.  This time it was a small, more intimate (as she said) dinner. I was totally exhausted and would have loved more than anything to hop right into bed after my kids, but pushed on.  Sometimes even though you may not be totally feeling like doing something, it definitely feels good to do the right thing.  I would have felt awful to have missed it, plus I had fun! And in reality, it is just one night.  I can get a good night sleep tonight! Yes, I kept trying to remind myself of that a 9:30 when I was still too hyped up to go to sleep. That is what happens to me if I miss my bedtime window.

My brother is coming into town today!  I don't know who is more excited.. the kids?  no, I think I am.  I always tell my kids to love and be nice to each other because one day they will likely not live near each other and it will stink.  I miss my bro. I never had a sister, and always wanted one.  But for opposite sex siblings, we are as close as can be. I pray that my oldest two will be that close in adulthood too. Siblings are the closest blood relative to you, and I am so lucky to have a great one!

A friend/fellow blogger of mine told me how surprised she was to learn that I had opened my blog to friends and family. (She actually called me and had a very long discussion with me about it) She writes as well, but simply for herself to read and fellow bloggers who do not know her personally.  I questioned myself some, but realized that I love my family and friends being able to read my daily ramblings.  However, I am starting to catch on to her motive.  I may need to create a separate anonymous blog for days where I want to bitch and complain about things that I do not want my friends to read.  It is true, I am using this as a catharsis tool, but I somewhat have to modify it due to my reader base.  And we all know how good it feels to be open and honest and get feelings out rather than keeping them bottled up... but it shouldn't be public. 

Hmmm... gonna have to think of a title for blog #2.  Was gonna ask for suggestions, but then you would know it and that would defeat the purpose! LOL.  Oh well. 

Welcome to Winter Break my friends!

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  1. great blog today......again i am pooped reading it first thing in the am and then need a nap!!!!! happy holiday to my wonderful fam!!!! you are the greatest!!!