Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tales of $$

And here we are again.  5:30 AM.. kitten on my left, baby girl on my right.  A mixture of purring, mickey mouse and sneezing filling my ears.  Really, she only sneezes a lot when she is in our room.  I suppose that is because kitty sleeps in here.  Torture?  I hope not because after our $800 vet bill last week, he is staying for good!

OMG!   I just peeked at the weather online. 16 degrees.  Seriously, I think I want to move to Hawaii. This cold is simply ridiculous. WTF??

So yesterday I spent the morning gathering all my thank you holiday gifts.  Boy, those sure do add the freak up!! Teachers, babysitters,etc.. sheesh. A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I give a gift or a "tip" to the garbage men.  I had to think a minute.  No, I do not.  Should I?  Do you?  If so, does yours actually get out of his truck and pick up wind blown trash or the entire dumpster after he knocks it over in the middle of your driveway?  Mine does not. So, I really never thought about it.

I know my mom always used to tip the mailman, but they tell you that they "cannot accept" gifts so I don't do that either.  Hmmm, maybe I should, he is a pretty nice dude. But, I wouldn't even know how much.  I know the rule of thumb with help in your house is a weeks pay. For the mailman however, what does that translate to?  Should I collect a weeks worth of mail and see how much the stamps added up to??  LOL.  Seriously, I have no clue about this nonsense.  Cheap?  No, more like ignorant on this topic.  Just so busy this time of year with my crazy calendar that it never really crossed my mind.  Can someone call me later and catch me up to what is PC.  Thanks.

My son had basketball practice last night.  Since hubby is MIA, my mom came and watched the girls so I didn't have to drag them out in 20 degree weather past their bedtime. My mid spend the entire weekend up past her bedtime and needs to catch up.  Anyway, my son as usual is the tallest on the team (and the cutest).  Problem is that he has zero interest in actually paying attention to the coaches.  Ever since he started team sports when he was 3 years old, he has this habit of watching what I am doing in the bleachers or on the sideline. And not only watching me.. he is smiling, laughing, and mouthing words to me that I can never understand.  Poor little guy.  He is never going to be an athlete.. not that I care, as that seems to run down both sides of our family (except my sister in law).  And that is fine with me.  I am simply trying to expose him to each sport so that when he is older he knows the rules and the game enough to play with neighborhood boys or other friends. BUT, it is sort of painful to watch his complete lack of interest combined with lack of athletic ability.  Oh well, what's another $100 down the drain?  I've wasted more than that before, and likely to do it again.. probably this week :).   Besides, its great for him to just run around for fun and actually get some exercise.  Clearly my children will not be playing outside for the remainder of the year.

Anyone else feel like all they are doing lately is spending $$?  And lots of it??  Here's to a less expensive, and warmer new year!  A little early, perhaps, but I am ready to start now. You too?


  1. I'll drink to everything you said today including the freezing cold temp here in so fla...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and as far the tips for the service industry we usually leave them money taped to the garbage can and i dont know who gets it or how they divide it up....but i loved your idea for the mailman!!! LOL seems like everybody wants $ even the paperboy sends an empty xmas card with a return address self addressed??????????????? No one is tipping us for going to the supermarket etc!!!! :)

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