Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tales of Nonstop

My most favorite weekends are the ones where we have enough planned that we are not bored, but not too much planned that we can lounge in our PJs and enjoy the slow motion of the weekend rolling by.  This weekend was the complete opposite of that!  Yikes.  I think this is the first time I have sat down, stretched my legs out on my bed and grabbed my laptop since Thursday. And well you all know I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night so I am going to blurt out as much as I can as fast as I can on here, turn my light of and check out for the night.  Yes dear friends, I realize it is merely 7:35, but hubby is en route to NJ and I am in need of sleep, and lots of it.

OMG, I just heard faint footsteps coming down the hallway and started to get that warm feeling creeping up that was going to make me say not nice things to my son if he had gotten out of bed, but it was just my kitten. LMAO. Poor son, always taking the blame, now even for the cat.

So, had a great time surprising a friend for her 35th birthday yesterday afternoon.  Amazing brunch. Then had to quickly shift gears and plan for our very first adult holiday party. Although sometimes through my complaining you may not be able to tell this, but I have an unhealthy obsession with my children.  I also have an unhealthy obsession with entertaining (having people over, throwing parties, girls nights, etc..). Putting those two things together have made for very fun, memorable and elaborate kids parties for the past 7 1/2 years.  And I love to do it.  And my kids love it.  And ask for it.  And look forward to it.  However, this year, after our annual Halloween to-do, I just wasn't feeling it. Not sure why. Perhaps the thought of having 100+ people in my house in Dec. not so appetizing anymore.  Wonder why it ever was.  Anyhow, so my dear hubby suggested us having an adult only party. Of course I felt as if we were traitors.  Cheating our kids out of a party.  But that thought lasted all of 30 seconds and within an hour the evite was sent.  Repeat: Unhealthy obsession with throwing parties.  It is also quite funny how many people are removed from your guest list when you are not inviting their children.  Sure I have a zillion "friends, as FB likes to call it" who are parents of my kids friends, but we do not socialize on a personal level with more than half of them.  So, my hubby and I were pleasantly surprised that our "close friends only rule" made it out to be a under 20 people shindig. And, it was heaven.  Like I touched on earlier.  I really had a great time (must have to stay up that late) and my friends enjoyed the evening as well.  So, sorry kids, I think this is going to be our new annual holiday tradition.

Sidenote:  Mom- please save the date next year again for grandchildren sleepover.

Today arrived and kids had religious school and play dates.  Then I spent a few hours with my favorite co room mom getting organized for my sons Winter Party in class tomorrow!  Walked in the door, went potty and walked out the door to a friends house for some family time with the kids.  They have children our big kids age, so of course the baby girl was the star of the show, as usual.   Two minutes after we walked in, hubby walked out to catch his flight.  I barely have enough energy to be typing still, but am responding to a special request made that there be a blog first thing in the AM.  Aren't you people bored of me yet???

7:48, lights are going out in 10. Phew... heres to the beginning of yet another crazy busy week!! Crazy busy, but would not have it any other way! Life is good.

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