Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tales of Tired

So much to say.  So few words. So little energy.  So few brains cells functioning.  Will try to do my best.  Would never want to let you down.

Today was super busy.  Dropped my poor kitty (who was not very happy with me b/c I wasn't allowed to feed him this AM) at the vet for his punishment.  Got a call that he did well, but one paw was still bleeding late in the day.  Now I am NOT an animal lover, but I did feel kinda bad for the little dude.  Hopefully he will be fine by the time I get him tomorrow evening.  Yes, the bonus is that I get a purring/meowing free night sleep!  Score!!  And a snoring free one too, since hubby MIA.

Mall walked with a girlfriend for an hour and a half.   Good for me.  Then ate grilled cheese and tom soup for lunch. There goes any benefit that should have occured from the walking. Enjoyed a rest while baby girl slept for 2 hours.  Then came 3 PM. It hit like a tornado. I really do not understand/find it sad that within 10 minutes of the big kids coming home from 8 hours out of the house, I am already spent, yelling and frustrated.

PMS girl (think I may call her that from now on) refused to go to tumbling today. Fine, it was just a trial anyhow.  Littlest gem was cranky from her long nap.. so do not understand the reverse psychology of that.  Why does a good nap = tired and cranky and hard to wake up child.  Oldest, hmm.. must give him props.. He did his homework quietly and happily.  Motivated by our going to dinner at his friends house.  Which was a ZOO.  So many kids, so loud.  But, yummy food, great company and much fun. Def needed the glass of wine I happily drank.  And the chocolate pudding pie.

Sidenote: It is 7:48 PM.. just got kids in bed.  The recycling truck just came.  I mean why don't they just pick up our trash at midnight.  I swear I will go out there in the freezing cold and kick some ass if they wake up my children.  Ok, maybe not... but it felt good to say that.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  At 8 AM I will be at the dentist.  With all 3 kids.  First time ever.  Girls have cleanings. Son getting molars sealed.  I hate that he is old enough for that.  He is still my baby boy.  Oh, and you will laugh at this. So, I told his teacher (who I love to death) that I would not be in the room tomorrow AM to help out b/c kids will be late to school b/c of appts.  She informed me of some school system wide testing going on tomorrow and Thurs and the extreme importance of his being to school on time tomorrow.  Testing?  More freaking testing?  All they do is test these kids.  And just reading and math. Like those are the only two flipping subjects important in the entire realm of knowledge in the universe.  I am just so sick and tired of it.  So,uh, yeah.. I will just be rushing right on over there.  Besides,  I am sure he will be ready to sit and take a test the second he walks in the classroom from the dentist.

Dear my childrens elementary school,

I am deeply sorry to inform you that my son is going to bring your entire school test score average down by being rushed into testing straight from his dentist appt.  If you would like to refrain from administering the 50th test he has had to take in the past 4 months of school, you have my full permission.




  1. the testing is RIDICULOUS - this is what happens when you have old men in suits making decisions about what is best for education - tests do not help ANYONE - teaching helps -
    here...hold my coffee while I hop off my soap box:)

  2. i am so sick of it. i hated school growing up, but i am really hating it now!!