Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tales of a fun busy day

So, it was 5:40 this AM.. but thats ok because I think somehow, sadly, my body is adapted to its new waking time.  I even stayed out til after 10 last night... woot woot...  I think our cat wasn't ready to have her invade his space on our bed however. He scratched the crap out of her face. Yikes. Must reschedule the declawing now that we are for sure keeping the little dude.

Yesterday was a day of great fun!  For once, it was I who wore out my special angel. We were at the mall for 4+ hours together, shopping, having lunch, attending a little Nordy kids party thing.  The mall was insanely crowded, but the energy was amazing.  Together we enjoyed my most favorite lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup (tom soup as one of my favs calls it).  Found some cute long sleeve dresses for her for the wintertime.  I thought the ones from last year would still fit, and they do, except the sleeves are above her wrist.  Doesn't really bother me much, but apparently it bothers her.... remember, she is the fashionista in the fam.

Two funny notes of our ride home from the mall:

1.  She asked me if she could lay down in her bed when we get home to rest her legs.   She is definitely gonna need to build up some stamina since I am grooming her to be my shopping bud.

2.  She asked me why there is only Christmas music on the radio all the time now.  I told her because it was Christmastime and she said, no its not, its Chanukah. LOL.  While she is correct, there are only so many times one can hear Dreidel Dreidel I suppose.  I love the Holiday music, but we both agreed it is rather annoying.

She only had about 20 minutes to rest because some friends came over to play and have dinner. The girls were playing the dancing game on Kinect.  It is great entertainment for the mommies I tell ya.   I almost felt like I was back in college for a few mintues.  One of my gals who was over flat ironed my hair for me. Seriously, it was hilarious.  The only thing that reminded me of our age was the fact that she was plucking out my grays as they popped up. Now that's a true friend for ya.  And, she helped me pick out my attire for holiday party #1 of the season.

It was in the 30s (degrees) and misty out, yet my neighbors hubby (love him) wanted to WALK to the neighborhood gathering. Um, negative. He must not have read my blog the other day about my refusal to walk in this weather.   Anyhow. the drinks were plentiful, the company was great (except for a few I could have done without), and the food was delish. What is not to like about this time of year.. well, besides the weather. And I stayed up way past my bedtime.

Amazing day.  Thanks to my peeps who shared it with me.

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