Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tales of a day

The day started out with middle and me sitting at the computer together listening to Taylor Swift "Fairytale".  I heard it on the radio the other day and thought she would like it (of course what was I thinking- she already knew half the words- at all of 5 yrs old).  Today was our anniversary. And, he was actually in town to share it with, although he had to squeeze me into his busy phone call schedule.  But we had a super fun AM together.  Had sitter for baby, hit starbucks, did some holiday shopping, had my fav nordy lunch. all was great.

3pm- big kids home.

Me:  "how was your day?"
Son: "really bad"
Me: "what happened"

Because of his privacy I will not share all the deets with you.  But because I am me and need to vent I will share bits and pieces.   Turns out he didn't do so well on a math something or other. Problem #1.  Then they had a sub bus driver who was mean and nasty and yelled the whole ride home. Problem #2. Then, we couldn't figure out how to do his math homework.  Problem #3. Yes, I said "we" because I do not freaking understand how they are teaching math to kids these days.  It is really annoying. He was getting confused and not making sense and I had no earthly idea what to tell him. Problem #4. Spent the next 30 mintues back at his school with his teacher showing him (me) how to do it- with baby girl in tow. Thank goodness contestant #2 had a playdate.  While I get it now, I do not get the significance of it, nor why they decided to teach it this way instead of the way all of us parents were taught.  Heaven forbid it should be easy to help your child with his homework.  I just feel badly that my son is learning at such a young age that I am not perfect. I thought my mom knew everything and was perfect until very recently (sheltered, perhaps, but I enjoyed it that way).

Speaking of, my awesome mom brought us in sushi for dinner for our anniversry since my son had his first bball practice tonight. I was glad he got to run around and have a good time this evening! He deserved it today.

Girls showered themselves and played cutely together before bed.  I am overjoyed that miss cry myself to sleep was feeling back to herself tonight.  I would have been so upset to miss the nightly routine for multiple nights in a row.  If I remember correctly, the repitore tonight was her yelling at me to get my jammies on (yep, I was still in my day clothes at 7 PM tonight- late for me you know), and then the roll call of who was going to close their eyes and go nite nite too.  The boys being gone at practice threw her off a bit.  Definitely a creature of habit that one. -and unfortunately not all good ones.

So, today was, just a day. Not great, not awful.  Just a day. Glad I have my hubby home tonight.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Math is stupid - better for your kids to learn it now:) ha ha ha

  2. sounds like just another day in the SAHM household! I definately get pooped just reading this every am, but love every word of it!
    hope today runs alittle more smoothly (but that's asking for alot right?)