Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tales of Jet lag and a Baby G

Can you curse in a blog? I am so new at this and not sure how "real" I can be.  I suppose it is always safe to be PC, so for now, I will try my best to hold it in.

Side note: Contestant #3 is laying next to me in bed (5:20AM) she won.. my middle was so tired yesterday that I couldn't torture her another day with the endless crying.  Moving on.

My husband is on a red eye as we speak coming home from the other coast. One would think that I would feel a sense of relief that another pair of hands is en route, however, it is merely a false sense of relief.  Why you ask?  Because he is "so tired" from the time change, the fancy business dinners and my personal fav is how hard it is to sleep in a giant king size bed in a 5 star hotel all alone with no kids... gosh, that must be so hard.... I mean, I would just hate it.   Ok, in all honesty, I do know how hard it is to travel.  We are not teenagers anymore and our bodies cannot catch up as fast, BUT, and notice that is a BIG BUT, I just don't seem to care.  When I've been with the kids alone and up a gazillion times a night with little miss sunshine, there is no sympathy left for it. Sorry dude.  Love ya, but drink a red bull and lets move on.

So, once again, little miss cutie pie (it really is so hard to be mad at her when she is that adorable) woke up at 2:03.  Ok, after a few nights, I was starting to wonder why it was the same EXACT time.  Yes, I know she is good at this game, but that was GOOD.  So, while trying- notice the word TRYING to get back to sleep... at 2:15 I remembered something. AHA!  My son got a watch for his birthday from his fav uncle and he occassionally likes to press all the buttons because he is only 7 and doesn't know how to use the damn thing. I also remembered (yes, I know, pretty impressive at 2:15AM to have such a memory recall) that he put it in his new desk in the area right next to the babys room. Hmmmm I thought. How interesting.  So, I dragged my warm body out of bed and walked, ever so carefully as to not make the floor squeak, to the loft area and found the watch. Low and behold, he had set the stupid alarm for 2AM.  Poor baby girl... yes, she is in a sleeping funk.. but that is just no fair.  I quietly walked downstairs (almost tripping over my kitten who was so excited and thought it was morningtime) and put it in the kitchen.. for now.  When daylight comes I am plotting what to do with it.  Perhaps I will dig a hole in the yard and bury it.. like a "time capsule"... get it?!?!?    That's enough for now.  Oh, and thanks Uncle D for the great gift.. love it!


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  2. I love your blog!!! I can't wait to read the rest of your stuff - just couldn't help myself from commenting:)

  3. and YES you can curse in a blog:)