Monday, November 29, 2010

Tales of craziness

Anyone else scared of their December calendar??  I am just wondering how much we can all cram into one little month.  1/12 of the year. 31 days. really?  Gonna be busy, better start increasing my caffeine intake now.  I sense a lot of nights up past 8:30.

Last night when tucking the angel baby in bed, she screamed, only for a few minutes "Daddy, I need to tell you something", so of course I made him go in and she said, "I tired Daddy, I going nite nite too".  Love the commentary sweetie, but if you could just shut up and go right to sleep we'd all be much happier.

Of course this AM the jerk of a kitty cat that my children absolutely adore and missed horribly while we were away, stood at her door at 4:50 and meowed until she woke up. I swear they both hate me.

A great person told me about a documentary that just came out about how we (crazy parents) are pushing our children too hard in school, in activities, in life... to be the best, to do the most, to be the brightest.. blah blah blah.. pretty much what I mentioned that I despised (yet get caught up in) in a previous post.  Anyhow, I gathered a group of other crazy gals (just kidding) and we are going to view this movie on Thursday night.  I am super excited and think it is going to be a very eye opening experience.  From watching the trailer, it has given me high hopes of changing society and the way we treat and push and compare our kids.  But sadly, I know, it is a fierce cycle that one documentary will never undo.  A girl can dream though, can't she??

In case you are interested, it is offering screenings across the country!  For free!!  Yay free,, gotta love me some free stuff!  Especially this time of year. Whoa, those presents sure do add up don't they?

Here is the link:  Let me know whatcha think.

P.S.  My entire downstairs smells like pine.......... LOVE IT. As crazy as it may be, this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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