Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tales of Disney World!!

Did you guess it??  We were in Disney for Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time, however it is super exhausting!!!  I am a huge people watcher, so it was a blast for me to sit down while baby was napping in the stroller and just watch the crowd.  Like I mentioned yesterday, Disney is the "Happiest Place on Earth" which I get because it is truly amazing for all ages, however, it is quite ironic that everyone is frantic running from ride to ride to beat the lines, kids crying, parents arguing, etc.. just made me laugh really.  The happiest place is also a loony bin.   My all time favorite people watching moment was when an adult woman with her children in tow walked by in a shirt that said "I heart my boyfriend" on it- in different colors- all around the entire shirt.  Just had to laugh at that. 

Kids had a blast!  Baby girl (who is right now watching Mickey Mouseclub house, while holding, mickey, minnie, daisy and donald minis in her hand) was in pure heaven. She was in a little bit of shock the first day or so screaming "Dat (that) Mickey right there" but she was an absolute tropper running around everywhere and loving every minute.  I think we might have created more of a Mickey monster in her.. if that is even possible.

Our oldest still is my Disney boy. Doubt he will ever outgrow it. He loved every single minute.  He could have just ridden the Disney bus and the monorail for 4 days and been just as happy. However, he likes to think new things are not going to be fun before we try them and then has a blast.  Have I mentioned that annoys the crap out of me?   I hate having arguments before we get somewhere unfamiliar to him about him not wanting to go, and then him loving it.  I had always heard the Hoop Dee Doo Review was amazing and wanted to try it, so we were on the ferry to get to the campground and he complains that it is going to be boring. I started getting that warm feeling creeping up again that wanted to scream at him, but I held it together, mainly because we were on a very crowded boat and I didn't want to be one of the parents at the happiest place on earth yelling at their child. (Well, at least not in front of anyone) Needless to say he was cracking up the entire time, loved the food and said it was one of his most favorite parts of the whole trip!  I highly reccomend it.   But, why must they assume and complain about every little single thing before trying it????  It really is a drain of time and energy.

Dear Mom,

If I complained about new fun things before trying them and then actually had the very best time and loved it, I apologize.  How annoying I must have been, I mean, if I ever did that.  IF.



My middle princess (who claims to not like the princesses anymore) was super excited to see them and hug them.  She is so fun to watch.  Her face just lights up and it is precious. I have to say, I feel she is at an age where MGM, or whatever they call it now, didn't have to much for her to enjoy.  She hung in and had fun though.. with a little gift shopping help from Super Nanny.   It was priceless to watch all the kids (especially the big two) laughing and playing and spending time together having fun.   What a great break from every day life.

Thanksgiving we had lunch with the princesses in Norway (sounds funny) and then dinner at Chef Mickey.  What a fun and busy day.  I have to say however, I actually missed being home a bit and cooking the turkey and watching the Macy's day parade.  I know, it was me who wanted a break from the traditional T-Day, but I honestly missed it, a lot.  I guess that is was traditions are all about.  I love spending the day with the fam, watching TV (even football) in the warm, yummy smelling house. Cooking with my mom, relaxing, kids playing with visiting family. It used to bother me that it took 5 + hours to prepare a meal that is gobbled down in 10 minutes, but not anymore.   Not planning on missing that one again for a while.  Plus, I missed black friday with my favorite shopping partner. Never again.

Car rides weren't too tortureous. I know you all love my spelling. Kids were great most of the ride, but got a little rowdy after about 5 hours.  Me too.  It's so hard to sit for that long.  Have you ever seen a movie where the family is road tripping together and the baby is being loud (either crying or singing) and the bigger kids in the back seat are laughing and playing loudly, very loudly?  Well, that was us!  We were the Griswalds.   Sure beats spending thousands of $$ on plane rides. Especially now that they practically rape you at the gate.

Enough for now. Must switch loads. 2 down, one to go.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend too!

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  1. Wow!! I am fearful of going to Disney ever, let alone during a holiday!! Kudos to you and your clan!!

    Glad you had fun - Love the note to your mom - Man -it is sooo true!!

    If only we could put old heads on young shoulders...