Sunday, November 14, 2010

By request... Tales of Superwoman #2

Wanted to share some insight I received from a friend of mine. It is always good to hear someone elses perspective and I happen to think this one is right on!.....

This is an email I received after posting my Superwoman blog  (minus some personal info I removed):

"I enjoyed the superwoman blog:).  You're right all around.  But, it's all how you perceive who superwoman is and what perfect is.  Perhaps you really are superwoman... maybe not by your own definition, but maybe by someone else's.... all you do for your kids, how you manage your household, and how you keep yourself altogether even though you may have issues- as we all do- but, you're able to project a strong woman because you are.  You may not feel strong all of the time, but even at your weakest moments, you get through them and come out stronger anyhow.  So just for fun, superwoman, give yourself a pat on the back for all that you've done for your family.  You're the glue..... and your hubby knows this.  Maybe superwoman doesn't sit well, who likes titles anyway unless you're employed and it gives you promotional bonus money, or the means to interview for a better opportunity somewhere else where you can say your title is such and such... ha!  

Hmmmm... maybe a superwoman part 2 is in the future... the positive side of it.  I think all mommies are superwomen if you think about it... humans aren't capable of mastering the perfection of things, but if perfection is irrelevant, and you focus more on what all is involved in being a mommy, then in our own ways maybe we actually can be that from time to time.  To me, when my son surprises me with something new he can do or say, and that overwhelming feeling of pride kicks in... he makes me feel like superwoman I think.  And if you break it down a little further, even superwoman returns to her mortal self most of the time anyway- ha!  Maybe it's the coach/teacher in me that's always trying to find the positives of things, how to shed light on certain perceptions to expose that maybe there's some good to them.  Perfectionism.... what a pisser that can be, but it actually has a tid bit of good in the sense that it helps motivate someone to attain a goal.... take it a bit tooooooo literal and it gets you in trouble, and that's how it gets a bad rap.  Little did I know that I was a perfectionist until golf came around.  Man did it expose me in the worst way.... BUT, once I discovered how unrealistic I was being with myself, I was able to discover better boundaries to all of my practicing.  And so, I'm more aware of how I am in life.... yep, perfectionist me has to rein in those expectations in every day life... hence, mommy hood and friends and relationships... all that shittake!  

Anyhoooooooooooooooos.... I guess my point is you're so right about all of it, but at the same time, there could be a side that's cast in the shadows and maybe isn't all deserving of it:).  Perfectionism in our society will always be, along with all the other nasty qualities humans like to possess unwillingly.... some willingly.  All I know is that the more moms that just try to be good to their children, good to their husbands (should they deserve it- ha!), and good to people, then that's what it's about.  And if that makes a person superwoman, then so be it:).
Good stuff, right??  You know who you are, thanks for the positive side of it!
I myself was slack about writing over the weekend, I have an idea cirulating around in my head, just waiting for the right time to spit it out into text.  It's coming....

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