Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tales of Dinnertime fun

Ever have one of those days?  Well, yesterday was mine.  I will spare you all the deets, but it was all around sucky.  When playgroup with your 3rd child is the highlight of your day (sorry girls, you know I love you all), it is pretty sad. Changing subjects-

So, every Tuesday for more than the past year, my kids and I eat dinner at McAllisters because it is kids-eat-free night. All I have to do is buy myself a bowl of soup (which I love because I am a self-proclaimed soup-aholic) and my kids eat FREE.  It costs me exactly $5.41 to feed the four of us dinner on Tuesdays (of course hubby is MIA). It really makes no sense for me to actually shop for, cook for and clean up dinner for that.  Are you with me?  So, on the other days of the week, I do try, I think I should put that in quotes, "try" to cook for us.  Us meaning, the kids.  I think the only thing I enjoy about hubby travelling is that I can eat cereal for dinner, on a pretty regular basis.  I always "lie" to my kids.... white lies don't really hurt, when they ask me why I am not eating dinner with them.  Either I ate while I was cooking it, or I will eat when they go to bed... but clearly I would never admit to them that I am going to have a mixture of honey nut cheerios and THEIR halloween candy for dinner. Um, NO.

I also say "try" to cook... because my kids aren't super easy to prepare dinner for. They definitely aren't the worst, but they are medicore, at best. And it is simply because all they like to eat is crap.  Chicken nuggets, cheese burgers, quesidillas, mac and cheese, pizza etc... I know these are some of your staples too... and it's ok sometimes, but I like to "try" to throw in healthy-ish meals from time to time too.  Of course, these nights are met with strong resistance.  "I don't like THIS chicken"- before she even tastes it, is one example. Gagging on ONE STEM OF BROCCOLI is another.. I mean really?  Just swallow it and take some water.  Sheesh, does every single solitary meal have to be a giant dramatic presentation??

Therefore, I am always tempted to try a week of no cooking (for them).  None, zip, zero.  Why you ask? Because of the afore mentioned situations AND because of this...The very sad state of our country's economy is practically forcing an insane amount of restaurants (who are trying desperately to stay a float) to offer kids-eat-free nights.  Please don't think poorly of me. I am just as disheartened about our society at the moment as you are (that is the first and last time I will pseudo mention politics here), BUT, I might as well take some advantage of it and simplify dinnertime, right?  

There are many websites (at least where we live) that exist only to inform us lazy mommies which restaurants offer these special nights each week.  OMG! I had an AHA moment... again.. twice this week (which you would know if you've read the previous entries) I just got all excited!!  Now I have something to look forward to the next time my hubby tells me he will be travelling for an entire week.. which of course I forsee happening in the not to distant future. A week of no cooking and no cleaning up.  Unfortunately that comes with a week of inhaling my food as fast as I possibly can in an effort to get in and out of the restaurant since I will be with 3 children sans extra set of hands, but I think I am up for the challenge.  I wonder if my dishwasher will miss me?  Anyhow, I can't wait til this adventure.  Anyone want to join me? Stay tuned, I will be sure to write about it. 

Was this blog boring?  Sorry, I needed to keep it light and fun.. yesterday, not so light and fun. Needed a break from deep thoughts.   But, just to keep my complaining consistent.  The wee won woke up at 3:51. As usual, not sure why, but that was just way to early to cave in. So, I let her cry. Not sure how long she did, as I stuck a pillow over my head and went back to sleep, but it is now 5:37 AM and the only reason I am up is because my damn kitten wants to play with me. Ugg.. if it's not one thing it's another, right?

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