Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales of constant caving in

Seriously, it's enough.  I just don't get what she doesn't understand?  Why does she not like to sleep? And she is starting new bad habits. The crying for 45 min in her crib at night before she falls asleep is almost like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Yep, it's 5:37 AM, and here I am, writing to all of you. I suppose you can all thank her, because I doubt I would have the time in my day to do this if she weren't such a crappy sleeper. But, she started in at 5:10. Went in, checked her.  Decided to let her cry. But at 5:25 my hubby reminded me that our middle was out late last night at GirlScouts and they have Skate Night tonight for a school fundraiser, so it probably not best to have her scream today and wake the entire family.  AKA: Cave in.

And it is ok-ish to cave in when I have his help.  But on the days he is away.  I just cannot do it.  First of all, once our kitten hears her crying, he is up for the day!  Maybe they are in cahoots with one another. And I know I totally mispelled that because I have absolutely no earthly idea how to spell it and the thought of you "editor friends of mine" reading this and cringing is making me smile.

So, when I am here alone in the deep dark morning time, I cannot bring baby doll into our bed because I have an I've been cooped up and quiet for 10 hours 14 week old kitten running around my room at 100 mph. I mean, I can bring her in here.. but any hope of her laying in my bed and going back to sleep is not an option.  Yes you wonder, why don't I kick the cat out of the room?  Well. I'll tell you.. he is an unusual little dude. Whereas most cats, including the one we parented (lol.. can you call it that) prior to having kids didn't really hang around us that much. But this one, is like white on rice with us.  He loves to be held and loves to be near the action.  Which is GREAT for the kids, because they love him around. However, when I've tried to lock him out of our room to get her back to sleep, he just cries at the door... again, another issue with the other two trying to sleep.  And its not his fault.. she is the one who gets him all hyped up into thinking its time to be awake!  And so, I cannot do it when he is away.  I am constantly caving in, which is why I know in my heart that this sleeping situation, or lack of, is not going to end until she is 18.    Hope she gets a crappy sleeper college roomie, otherwise they will not get along very well.

Caving topic #2. 

My son has always wanted a cat. Do not ask me where he decided that from because I have no clue. My friends with cats always told me upon picking him up from playdates that he played with/pet the cat half of his time in their home.   However, we had a cat, pumpkin, for a few years before we had kids. He was an orange tabby cat and we loved him.  But, when our oldest came along, he wasn't too thrilled.  And it scared the crap out of me. Pumpkin was a biter, (our fault? bad cat parenting?) and every time he heard the baby cry would jump into the pack-n-play and I couldn't handle it.  It stressed me to know end. 

1.  Baby cried incessantly for 12 weeks until Zantac.
2.  Couldn't leave baby and cat in same room to go pee.
3. Adjusting to being a new mom was hard enough with a baby who cried ALL THE TIME....

therefore, we had to find a new home for pumpkin. Sigh.

Fast forward to present day.  Decided that it would be good for the kids if we got a kitten.  They asked daily, as I am sure you other non-pet owning parents kids do.  I am going to admit here that hubby was strongly against it.  But, oldest was having some issues adjusting to school this year and I wanted something to take his mind off of that when he was at home (other than the 15+ hours a week we are home doing homework).  I've heard of pet therapy, and I thought it would be good for him.  Hubby is mildly allergic to cats, so wasn't to keen on the whole idea, but mommy reminded him that he is never in town anyway and mommy always wins so enter kitten.  (This is 2nd kitten because first one was long haired and did bother hubby).  We had first kitten for all of 12 hours and middle child almost vomitted from crying so hard when we told her she had to go b/c of daddy's allergies.  Yes, trying to get to the point.

Last week we found out baby girl is allergic too.  And it is obvious that hers is a more severe allergy because she has had a drippy nose for 8 weeks (got him ironically 8 weeks ago) and red, itchy eyes. Getting oldest tested today because of some issues he had last week, and will therefore most likely result in parting ways again, with another cat.  Anyone want a cute, great to be around kitten??

So, once again, my caving in and getting the kids a kitten against strong resistance from dear hubby, has gotten me into trouble.  They all love him, especially the girls, and it is not going to be a pretty parting. If middle child had an issue after our having one for 12 hours, I can just imagine what 8 weeks is going to do to her. I've already mentioned that we may have to get rid of him due to her sisters allergies the look I got was one of, why can't we keep cat and get rid of sister.  I am sure that will not be the last time she will be choosing to get rid of sister.

One of the first things my son said when we surprised them with the 2nd kitten was "I am so excited that I can check off, yes, I have a pet" next year when I fill out school questionnaires. Umm, yeah, that's not looking likely honey.  Ever. In your future. In our house.  Being that baby is allergic to cats and dogs, and looking at our track record with bringing home and giving away cats (we will be 3 for 3 soon), I think our pet owning family days are coming to an end.

Unless I cave again.

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