Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tales of Thanks and Fun

Dear older generation of readers (aka. my family members)

Sorry you do not like the cursing.  I will try to keep it to a minimum... but cannot promise anything.



p.s.  you can always stop reading

And moving on.

Why do we only take note of what we are thankful for around Thanksgiving time?  Aren't we always thankful?  Today I was very thankful for my amazing momma.  I had plans (yep, actually had a whole 4 hour time period blocked off today to spend with one of my favorite friends) and my babysitter called at 7:30 AM to cancel on me. Of course, right?  I hardly ever have "plans", especially not during the daytime hours. Usually I spend my babysitting time volunteering at school, exercising (rare), or running errands.. yes, squeezing in an occasional lunch with friends.  So, again, the odds were against me that the one day I had real plans, as in a paid ticket for an event and a great friend who took the day off of work to spend with me, my sitter cancels. Crap.

I started to get that warm feeling creeping up inside of me.  Cancelling was not an option. I would not allow it. I immediately hung up and called my momma. I knew that if she didn't have any big plans herself she would jump in and spend the AM with my sweet lovey girl. Yes, there are times when she can't and yes I HATE those times, but not today!  Hip Hip Horray. An hour and a half later (after her 14 step get ready morning routine) she was over.   We can call it "helping me out", but I know deep down inside she loves spending time with my little yum yum.  I am always thankful for the awesome, loving and supportive mom I have, but wanted to give her a shout out for today!  You rock.  And, I love you. A lot.

1.  All kids in bed.
2.  Called friend to see if she wanted to hear the night time entertainment again. 
3.  Baby only cried 15 min tonight. Lame. (LOL)

Obviously, as I just mentioned I am thankful for my mom. My hubby and my HEALTHY and happy little gems.  I am also thankful for good friends, which I have learned (am still in the process of learning) are very hard to come by. . Besides that, nothing else matters. Having a awesome family and fab friends are all a girl can ask for in life. Everything else is just surplus.

I am going to try to think of something I am thankful for everyday from now until Thanksgiving and jot it down on here.  Note: I may/probably will forget one day.. or two... but am going to try.

A brief snipit of my day because it is 7:55 and I am exhausted.  This is hour 15 of the day for me to be awake.

I had a great day!  Boy, was I due for it.  I must admit, not having a lot of free time really makes me enjoy when I do have it.  I almost felt spoiled taking that long just for me (minus a few phone calls and texts from hubby).  I spent the day at a Christmas Show.  My 2nd year going and it was 4 hours of shopping and laughing and eating and making memories.  I just love the holiday time. I always have.  Don't you? No matter what faith you believe in, it is pure bliss. The crowds, the energy, the sights and smells, the sounds of people having good fun. 

Tired. Rambling, Mediocre post. Must sleep.

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