Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tales of randomess

So, throughout the day i like to ponder different things in life.  Some pop into my head from out of nowhere and some are based on conversations I have had with others.   Yes, that means if you know me personally, you may be a subject in one of my blogs-I will never admit it if you ask me AND no, you cannot prove it.

Deep Thought #1 of the day- Who the f*!k invented daylight savings?  Cleary that individual has never had children, nor has ever wanted a good night sleep in his own life. (I did say "his" and not "her" simply because no woman in her right mind would have ever thought of such a horrible bi-annual occurance).  I mean seriously, what freakin century are we in people? We are not farmers. I do not care about an extra hour of light or darkness here or there.Do you? I CARE ABOUT SLEEP. Precious sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep, damn it. hmmm.. starting to think I should rename the blog... sleepless in..???  nah.  anyway, I vote for boycotting the whole thing.  Who's with me? 

Deep Thought #2 of the day- While getting dressed and ready for my day, I was deciding what to do with my hair.  It wasn't a really long thought process.  It went something like this. 
Hmmm, What am I doing today?

Helping out in my oldest childs classroom
going to My Gym/lunch/napping with littest tot
getting big two off the bus
sending middle off to cheerleading
taking big kid to playdate
supervising homework
making dinner
giving baths
putting to bed

phew.. that was a whole lot of "ings".  Anyway, on days such as this one (um, which is prety much almost every day) I twist my hair up into a pony tail and that is about it. Do any of these "things" I am doing require much more beauty than that?  Nope, I don't think so. And hopefully neither do those lucky individuals who encounter my unkempt self on a daily basis.

Deep Thought #3- What is the fascination with the pantry?  All 3 of my children are absolutely in love with the yummy goodness that lurkes behind the pantry door.  Especially the baby.  All I hear is "I want a snack from the pantry".  She could be eating something in one hand, and turn to me and say "I want something from the pantry". Really?? You want another snack before you've even finished or sometimes begun the one you JUST asked for. I think I am going to start walking around saying, "I want something from the liquor cabinet".  Wonder how far that will get me?

Deep Thought #4- Since I've never blogged before, I am wondering if there are any unspoken rules to it?  You know I would never want to offend anyone in the blogging atmosphere by committing a blogging "no-no".  But, then I thought, who cares?  This is my blog, my rules.  Therefore, I will not edit or spell check my work.  I will type as it comes to me and post.  Does this bother anyone?  If so, please stop reading.


  1. You know, there are lots of "rules" in the blogosphere but most of them apply to people who's motives are to sell a product, advertise, get noticed in order to publish a book, etc. But, for all intensive purposes, since you are not doing any of those things, you are writing here for yourself. For an outlet. People will read who are interested and want to share ideas. It's for you. Write what YOU want.

  2. This is good stuff! I am only on the fourth post and I can't get enough. I see a book in the future...