Friday, April 20, 2012

Tales of Love Notes

So, a while back one of my kids got a love note passed to them in class. (i guess that narrows it down to 2 out of 3 considering constestant #3 and her peeps do not know how to write yet).  It was hidden from me for quite some time, apparently because she/he was completely mortified by the situation.. and was being teased a bit to boot.  OK, let me just get it out there although a topic for a whole other blog, but I HATE BULLYING.  HATE HATE HATE.  I was thunder thighs growing up, and it still burns me to this day.  I still see myself as having huge legs and will probably always, no matter what.  Ok.. lets table this talk because i don't want to get too far off track here.   Anyway, the note was ripped (by my child) into a zillion pieces and immediately thrown into the garbage.  When i learned of this, i thought it was sweet, but i was told it was "not sweet" and that he/she "did not like it at all".

Ok, moving forward to this week. As i was walking my oldest into his classroom the other day, to mention to his teacher that i was sending him under my protest due to innane (spell)? testing he was having that day... a sweet girl from his class came up to walk with us.  She told us that her mom just screamed at her as she was getting out of the car.  My son asked her why (thankfully, cause i felt weird asking myself) and she said because her backpack was unzipped.  In my mind, i could picture the scenario... They were in the carpool line, dozens of cars filed in waiting, not so patiently, for their turn to proceed through.  Her bag was unzipped and she took a few extra seconds to try to zip it and her mother screamed at her out of her own impatience.  Now, while i was not in the car (obviously) i happen to know this scenario well.  My response was simple. Your mommy was just in a hurry and frustrated sweetie.  I do that all the time to my kids.. rushing them out in the mornings and yelling because i feel stressed. To which my son acknowledged was true.  I then told her that her mommy probably (like i always do) felt so badly about it the second she pulled away, but it was too late and will likely forget by the time they got home at the end of the day to mention it at all.  She gave me a sweet smile and i escorted them to class. 

Later that morning, i was cleaning up around the house, and decided, while i was thinking of it and them, i would write my babies little love notes and put them on their pillow for them to find when they got ready for bed.   Of course, all a little different.  My 3 yr olds said simple "I love u", but each from my heart, and thought out.  Well, i forget i had done that, and when my middle went upstairs to get ready for bed, she came running down the stairs, note in hand and threw herself around me for the biggest hug ever.  Of course, my oldest ran up to his room and had a similar reaction.   They both wanted to save them and it made me feel so good inside to let them know that i was thinking fondly of them during the day while they were away from me.  I'll have to remember this day, because i have a feeling in ten years from now, they will be grossed out from the love notes from their mommy, and only hoping for love notes they receive in class.


  1. So true and sweet!!!!!!

  2. Taking a page from your tales... gonna write my own love notes to my three! Thanks! Kimberly

    1. awesome!! enjoy their reaction! it will melt your heart.