Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tales of cookies

Holy crap, 115 boxes of girl scout cookies are in my kitchen.  My kids came home from school yesterday and were in heaven, until I broke the news to them that they were NOT all for our consumption.  However, we all hopped in the car and had fun going around to the neighbors who ordered.  My daisy scout wore her little vest and got out all by herself and delivered her cookies and collected her money. Figured it would be nice of her to be somewhat involved in the whole process.

Anywho... lots to say but no time.  Oh, I know. I think my blog is going to be moving to a new site.  My hubby was never to thrilled that I signed up on a google blog site (I of course had no earthly idea, I just did it).  So, I am likely to move to a more hubby approved blog site.  Not sure what that will be, but he will set it all up.  Remember I am slightly technologically retarded. The caveat is that it will not be open to the general public. Every blog site is different, so not sure how my new one will work.  Look for an email about it in the next few days, as you may need to have a password to enter.   And by the next few days, I mean it could be a week because I am lazy and have lots of other things to do, but am moving towards doing that.

On to my day!  Hope yours is a good one!

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