Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tales of typical

Why is it that kids always get sick right before the weekend??  As I mentioned earlier in the week, I think my mid is fighting some sort of body illness.  She just hasn't been herself, coughing, not sleeping great and flushed. It was borderline whether or not I was sending her to school today, but she didn't have a fever and is star of the week so begged me not to keep her home.  I even went in to have lunch with her (first time this year) to check on her and she seemed fine, but this afternoon and evening she went downhill fast.  What is it about the weekend?  I can almost taste Friday it is so close, but I will likely be stuck here with her.... and the little miss.. fun, right?

Anyway, she vegged out much of the afternoon and then cried during dinner because I was going out for dinner.  She never gets upset when I leave, so I can really tell something is up.  She made me promise I would be home in time to tuck her in, which shortened my evening plans, but I wanted to be back in time.  HOWEVER, my hubby texted me at 6:10 saying she hardly ate dinner and requested to get in her jammies and go to bed.  She was asleep before 6:30.  Oy, we shall see.  I would love to be pleasantly surprised in the AM with her being chipper, healthy and ready for school, but I honestly don't see that in her future.  I forsee the typical Friday borderline illness and me debating whether or not I should drag her (with little sis in tow) to the pediatrician tomorrow before the weekend since they are closed.  Typical. Gotta love it.

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