Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tales of Baking...and eating.. A LOT

Well, today is snow day #3 for us... kids home, super happy of course.  They have actually been on such great behavior now that I think of it.   Days like these it is great to have neighbors that have kids your kids age because since we are trapped at home, they can just go next door or down the street to get out of the house.  Keeps them content and active.  They went sledding on Day #1, but they too are over it, which is a good thing because it is all pure ice now.

I on the other hand can use a little getting out of the house.  I have done nothing but bake, which of course leads to eating. Ok, I lied, I am also taking these 3 days to attempt to potty train little miss sunshine, which has kept me quite busy I might add. Gosh, I totally have zero recollection of potty training contestants one and two. It so weird.  Must have blocked it out, sort of like childbirth, I suppose.   I would report to you how it is going, but I decided not to due to the fact that my mid was up again at 5:20 because she was scared of something.. again, jinxed myself out of her being an awesome sleeper.

Anyway, back to the eating. I baked pumpkin cake, chocolate peanut butter chex mix (which is long gone) and mondel bread (which I am eating right now with my tea).   In addition to that, I have made eggs for breakfast, and awesome homecooked dinners.  Gosh, I would be such a better housewife if I were trapped in my house my entire life.  Who knew how much free time I would have on my hands just hanging around here.  Done 4 loads of laundry, ran the dishwasher 4 times. Huh. Amazing how prodcutive one can be without carpool, bus pick ups, cheerleading, bball practice, girl scouts, etc..

The one thing I have totally loved about this whole trapped insideness is that I can pick up the phone and call any one of my local friends at any time and know that I will get a hold of them because they too are trapped at home.  Love it!   And have been taking advantage of it too :)

However, I think I am ready to get back to routine tomorrow, before I need to go shopping for new (bigger) clothes due to the endless eating that is going on here.

Off to contemplate what to bake today.... any suggestions??

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