Friday, January 28, 2011

Tales of Friday

Oh so happy Friday is here.  It has been such a busy week that I hope this weekend bring in some downtime. I was so wrapped up in that book yesterday that I forgot to mention that my little teeny girl started ballet class this week.  Really, I could have vomitted it was so darn adorable.  And she ate it up.  Loved it.  Walked right in like she owned the place and had a ball.  It was her first class interaction without me going in with her, and she could have cared less.  There were a few other mommies there that had crying little ones, and I felt terrible for them because that was me with my oldest daughter.  Holy toledo. I could not even take her.  My super mom had to take her weekly because she just was so upset.  Still not sure what she was so scared of back then, but I have to say, although I did empathize with those mommies the other day, I secretly was SO HAPPY it was not my little ballerina.

Last night I went to our local middle school open house.  I know, I only have an almost 3rd grader, but a friend of mine whose son is started middle next year asked me to go with her because her hubby was MIA and she wanted a second opinion.  Anyhow, I am SO not ready for that.  Like so so so not ready. I hope time will slow down a bit because I'd like to not think about middle school for a long long time.  All I know is that time of life, like agewise, is horrible. Awkward. Blah.  I just want to live in a giant bubble with my kids and protect them from all things harmful, hurtful or just plain annoying to deal with. Anyone else feel that way?

This week has been a bit stressful due to some school issues with one of my big kids.  Aside from my usual time spent volunteering this week.  I have been in and out of communication with teachers, guidance counselor, etc...  I know in the end I am doing the right thing by taking control of a situation that could get much worse, but it still sucks going through it and it kills me to the core when any one of my children are hurting or sad or going through something.  The one positive is that I have been so sick to my stomach that I can hardly eat... except for the giant cookie I devoured yesterday from Panera. It's so mind consuming for me that I practically cannot think about or deal with anything else until it is fixed... or on the road to fixing.

Enough of that.  Hmmm.. not much else to report.  Was a pretty good week, aside from the school drama.  Looking forward to catching up with an old friend today. Another married single mommy.  It's always nice to know that I am not alone.

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