Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tales of a road trip

What a blast!  Took the kiddos to Atlanta  (well, the big kiddos) for 2 days since school was out on Friday.  I think a quick 2 day stint away from home is a perfect way to slip in a vacay, not break the bank, and get rejuvinated.   So, as I mentioned last week, I took my special angel to the AG store.  Holy moley! I have never experienced anything quite like it.  That store had it all.  It is truly a little girls dream (well, a little girl who is into dolls and dress up and girly things).  I have to say, I wasn't sure what to expect, and we both were a tad bit overwhelmed when we walked in, but once we looked around and settled in it was such a sweet time for us. Many of you (or your kids) are not into the girly dolly thing, so I won't describe all the deets, but we did have lunch together in their cafe and it was so adorable.  Really.  They brought over a high chair for Ella (one of my daughters AG dolls) and she sat right next to us at the table.  Weird, for me, awesome for my angel.  Then the waitress brought over a teeny tiny cup and saucer to the table and actually filled it with water for Ella.  She even went so far to let us know to tell her if Ella needed a refill.  Again, weird for me, but heaven for you know who.  I mean, she was just so over the moon.  She couldn't stop looking around at everyone else and seeing what was going on.  From quiet lunches to birthday celebrations, they really have it down pat there. I mean they truly know how to make your girl (like my real daughter) feel so special.  It was superb!

After that it was time to go to an indoor go karting place for the boys!  Not sure who enjoyed it more, the dads or the kids.  We met up with our friends there and had great fun.  My friend and I were obsessed with playing the video game Deal or no Deal to try to win tix for our kids.  Can u imagine how excited we really would have been if it were for real money.   After that, we headed to our fav pizza joint for din.

Yesterday, kids enjoyed a very busy morning at the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium.  Those whales and sea creatures really fascinate me.  I love watching them swim so gracefully through the water.

And..... now we are back.  Ready and refreshed for a brand new week!  Had to bring back something special for my little tot since she got left back for the trip.  While I felt badly about leaving her, it would have been way to difficult to have her with us.  Something special about just spending time focusing on the big two, which I rarely get to do.   Anyway, she LOVED her present.. it was a combo we're sorry we left you and we are so proud of you for ... oh yeah, I am not mentioning what I am so proud of her for on here because it will likely jinx me once again... so you can use your imagination there.

A GIANT thank you to my mom for bonding with my baby girl this weekend.  I think she was easier for you than our kitty cat. He is one high maintenance dude.  And thanks to our fun friends for spending the weekend with us!  Next stop... Litchfield beach.  Can't wait for the next adventure.. although we are bringing the tinest one with us then.....

Ok, must go.. off to help celebrate a very special 2 year old birthday today! Life is just so much fun!

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