Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales of Late

Yes, I know I'm late.  Days late.  Sorry, busy weekend. I want to start this blog off sharing with you my 3rd and last New Years Resolution. I only make them in the month of January, after that they can't be considered "New Years Resolutions".. ok, anyway.  SO, I have decided that during the weekends, my hubby and I (I only have control over myself but am trying to have this a dual resolution) are no longer going to be hooked up to technology.  No computers, no texting, no surfing the web. Nada.  None of it.. okay with a few exceptions.. like if I am making plans with someone and need to text or email quickly. Or checking directions up on the web or hours of a restaurant to something quick like that.  The point is that I no longer want to be sitting on the computer surfing around and wasting precious time that I could be spending with my family.  Nor do I think it is a good message to send to them.  If they see us always "plugged in" they will want to be too.  Not gonna happen anymore.  So, keep this in mind if you are wondering why I am not blogging on the weekends etc... The past two weekends were great!  So refreshing to not feel like I am always "checking" something.   I want to live in the moment with my babies.  They are growing by leaps and bounds and I just feel like I am missing out by sitting here glued to the computer or my phone when they are around on the weekends and afternoons after school.  I've always said that family is the most important thing to me in the world, and it is.  I am just learning new ways to show it.

What else.. I finished the book.  It was a great read.  There is a wait list for it now, but let me know if you want to borrow it too. My good friend reading it now has two girls as well and is really enjoying it too.  It's mostly stuff I already know about, but it's always reasurring to read it in print and know that others are thinking and feeling the same thing you are.

My mid is star of the week this week at school.  She was soooo excited this AM getting ready for school and rattling off all the fun things she gets to do ALL WEEK.  Line leader, teacher helper, blah blah blah.  She also begged me to let her buy school lunch this week.  I have yet to put money on her account.  Her brother bought a lot in Kindergarten... I had just given birth to the little miss and was dealing with all that comes with the joys of a newborn.. therefore, he ate a lot of school lunches. But, he didn't really love it and I didn't really love it for him and so last year I don't even know if he bought at all and this year none.  Some days may be ok, but seriously, bread sticks for lunch?  or nachos.. barf.  no thank you.

Speaking of food, I spent the day yesterday with a friend who only purchases all natural, preservative free, blah blah blah foods.  Always something I have aspired to do.  Always something I am too lazy to do.  But, we did get into talking about the effects of food coloring on childrens bodies and behavior.  Something in that conversation struck me and I think I may try it out.  I can hear many of my friends LOLing because its so something I would never do and probably can't handle, but if its for the good of my kids and will make them listen better (maybe???)  its worth a try.  We'll see, I am just thinking about it.  Will keep you posted.

Lots more to talk about, but little miss needs to go potty and down for her nap.  So, this is it for now.

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  1. Hats off to you!!!!!! A resolution to aspire to but even making small changes is great! Your kids and family feel your love and commitment and return it in spades!!!!! Keep up the good work and dont be too hard on are doing a fantastic job!