Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tales of nite-nite

Oh how quickly my body has adjusted back to wanting to go to sleep at 8 PM. I suppose that was due to the 5:10 wake up call of my cat pouncing on my head.

Had a nice quiet family day.  My mid (who missed me more than life itself and wanted to be with me all day today without a second apart) got invited to one of her bestest friends houses and jumped on the chance.  Ahh, I guess she really likes the idea of me being around more than me actually being around, huh?  Nah.. I totally get it.  She just loves the comfort of me. The mom.  I am the same way with my mom.  Which is why I spent the afternoon with her after being ditched by my offspring. And yes, my New Year's resolution is off to a good start!  Sushi tonight with Nanny and the fam.  One Sunday night down, 51 to go!

I rocked my baby girl to sleep tonight.. and held her a little longer after our singing repitore. I just stroked her hair and smelled her face and looked into her beautiful eyes. Gosh how I missed her.  Gosh how I will miss her as she gets bigger and can no longer fit on my lap in the rocking chair. Sigh. Life is going too fast.  Way too fast. Can't believe I already have to pack lunches and backpacks again tomorrow.  Soon it will be time to wake up.  Guess that means it is time for bed.

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