Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tales of family time

This weekend has been the ultimate family weekend for us!  I guess since we were away and then hubby was away all last week we are all now catching up on spending time together. Took the kids to pizza tonight, again just the 5 of us.  I must say, it is a rarity for us to eat out two weekend nights in a row with the kids and no one else.  Thank goodness we instituted the Sunday night dinner with Nanny rule so tomorrow night we can change it up a bit!!!

OMG. Had so much fun at my sons bball game today.  It was his first, and I think he actually may have touched the ball a handful of times.  He is more of an individual sport kind of kid. Baseball, swimming, etc..  something where he always has to have "his turn". The whole running around in a pack of kids not so good for him.  He just hangs towards the background... always going in the right direction, but never wanting to get close enough to make impact.  Was the same for soccer. As the story goes, my hubby was quite similiar, if not worse.

The most fun part for me was watching the little 1st and 2nd grade cheerleaders.  They were so freakin adorable.  I tried to beg my mid to sign up for it, but she declined.. numerous times.  She does cheerleading at a sporting facility, but I think bball cheerleading would be so much more fun for her, and for me!  Those girls are to die for in their tiny uniforms with their hair in bows.  Needless to say, my mid stared and watched every single move they made the entire hour.  She even memorized some of the cheers and was chanting them in her head at times. I am hoping that this means she will be interested in it next year.  I can wait.

It is 7:17, older two in bed.  Fast asleep.. I hope.  Everyone was up WAY to early this morn. Babygirl is in our bed watching Mickey Mouse (shocker). She had a giant nap today, so has a few extra min before bedtime tonight.  I am in jammies and ready myself.  Gonna try to watch a movie with the hub, but can tell I may not even last through the credits.

Wishing myself a later than 5 AM wake up call tomorrow.

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  1. boy does grandma LOVE hearing about the activities of those kids!!!! makes us feel like we are there!!! and the wonders of the internet let us see those shining, adorable faces! keep on blogging and keep on video chatting....the stories are great and you tell them so well!