Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tales of dawn

Why is it that I am always up before the dawn?  Mid came in room at 2 with a nightmare.. which of course is still all my fault as she had NEVER ever EVER done this until the day I gave her such kudos for sleeping.  Baby girl crying started at 5. Oldest entered our room at 5:35.  While I would never trade my kids for the world, I possibly could be talked into trading them for better sleepers. Perhaps.

Just plopped babygirl in our bed.  She turns to me and says "What do you want to do in here now?".  Umm. actually I'd like to be sleeping in here now, but I am thinking that is not what you want to be doing darling girl so why don't you just tell me what YOU want to do in here now. I swear she has the language of a teenager.
Had a great Friday night family dinner (just the 5 of us) at The Cowfish last night.  That place totally rocks!  We love it.  Kids love it. Has something for everyone. It is really an amazing concept.  They serve burgers and sushi. To my non sushi eating but burger loving friend- I will be dragging you there with me ASAP.

Looking forward to my sons first basketball game today.  He is nervous because they told them there are going to be "real judges" there making sure they are playing correctly.  Seriously dude, can't you just let my son have fun?  Sheesh!!!!!!!

Hmmmmm, what else?  My friend Kim does NOT have cancer!!  Yippy!  What great news that was.  Oh, speaking of cancer, I am doing the AVON breast cancer walk again this year.  The two day (40) mile walk.  I am so excited. Anyone want to join in the walk?  Or make a donation??  Let me know!

Must go downstairs now and attend to the little people.

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